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Where to begin…

… so I hope you’ve seen Engagement in Ravello, previous post on my blog. If not, make sure you find extra few minutes to do it. I will post a link at the end of this story. I described Ravello and the venue. Now the wedding day. Again a lot of steps. That’s the beauty of Ravello, everything is in the walking distance. You don’t need to use car.

Amalfi Coast Wedding

Every time I shoot an Amalfi Coast wedding, I’m surprised by the ambience and atmosphere, by people I meet there. Kindness everywhere. As in this case Rebecca and Jon are two special hearts. They got married in Ravello, in a little garden called Giardini Princesa di Piemonte. Lovely place with breathtaking views for a ceremony. The next stop – prosecco and aperitif. First part of the wedding reception was held by Caffè Calce in the Piazza Centrale, Ravello town centre. The place where “all streets start”. 

Villa Eva in Ravello

Hundred stairs later we arrived to Villa Eva where the wedding party happen. Villa Eva is a fantastic wedding venue to get married in a special way, more intimate and exclusive. On this occasion special thanks to Federica (wedding planner) for her kindness and Villa Eva staff for the great support. Rebecca and Jon, thank you for the fantastic opportunity to be there.

Villa Eva

Wedding Venue in Ravello

Wedding Dress

Bride getting ready at La Moresca

Groom getting ready

Ravello Rooms





Wedding Ceremony

Giardini Princesa di Piemonte

Wedding Reception

Caffè Calce in Piazza Centrale

Amalfi Coast

Minori by night

Wedding Party

Villa Eva

Why I'm quitting wedding photography