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Summer wedding in Tuscany

Wedding in Tuscany with the summer mode on. I was double thrilled when Susy and James asked me to join their big day. 25th August is also my birthday. So double pleasure of being there. Perfect celebration.

Borgo di Colleoli Resort

Beautiful couple from the UK got married in a wonderful place in Tuscany called Borgo di Colleoli Resort. Perfect wedding venue for Susy and James and their guests. In fact most of the guests arrived few days earlier and took the opportunity to relax by the pool, in the baking Italian heat. Delicious pizza and pasta were served every evening in the main courtyard and, while the beer and wine flowed, strangers became friends and familiar faces became reacquainted; everyone looking forward to the big day ahead.

The wedding

The morning started, for most, as the previous night had ended – by the pool. While at the same time Susy and James were getting ready in their apartments. During the day Francesca from Efffetti Weddings & Events was taking care about the couple and everything around. Thanks to that, all went smooth and easy.

Stunning ceremony in the aisle of trees, reception drinks in the garden nearby the pool, dinner in the main courtyard and the final party and dance-floor by the pool. I absolutely loved it! Few pictures below, have a look and if you plan to get married in Tuscany or anywhere in Italy, don’t hesitate to get in touch and book me to be your wedding photographer in Italy!

Borgo di Colleoli Resort

Wedding Venue in Tuscany


Bride and the wedding dress

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