I’m so excited! Scans of my first roll of film (Portra 160) back from UKLabs! This was a total experiment so not everything is great, but it’s a learning process. Now when I have scans of film I can see what worked. I found that shooting with film was really fun and liberating too, as you can’t do a huge amount with the settings, and you can’t see what you’ve just taken, so completely different from my usual DSLR cameras! Now I love film. I purely, madly, and deeply love film. Film is expensive. It is slow and time consuming to process and it can take weeks between shooting and having images available to share. But… I love the look and feel of it. I could say I’m learning photography again…

Wedding-Film-Photographer-London-001 Wedding-Film-Photographer-London-004 Wedding-Film-Photographer-London-005 Wedding-Film-Photographer-London-007 Wedding-Film-Photographer-London-011 Wedding-Film-Photographer-London-012 Wedding-Film-Photographer-London-013

My experimental film photography on the wedding was possible thanks to Voyteck Photography where I was second shooting that wedding. Here are few stills from behind the scenes where you can see Voyteck.


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