Nowadays, attending a wedding is no longer about sitting and enjoying the moment, but rather about guests taking pictures using their cameras or mobile phones. People consider it to be more important to capture the moment on their phones rather than cherishing it personally. As a bride and groom, you might like it, however, I would like to mention another option to you: The Unplugged Wedding.

The Unplugged Wedding

This type of wedding will restrict all guests from using their cameras, mobile phones, iPads, etc. throughout the ceremony or even the entire day, depending on how long the bride and groom want it to last. I believe this is truly a wonderful option, as  guests would genuinely enjoy the ceremony and what’s more, allow the professional photographer, who is being paid after all, to take the photos.

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A wedding ceremony can sometimes become frustrating when the guests try to intervene and “photo bomb” what could be the most candid shots of the wedding. Apart from that, guests always move around to take pictures, disturbing other people’s view, and the photographer’s work. They don’t realise that photos can be taken by remaining seated where they are, and by respecting the fact that hired photographers should be given the chance to do their job correctly, and not by spoiling the moment. If this issue is solved, unplugged weddings wouldn’t be as popular as they are today.

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My aim is not to scare anyone, but rather be practical. I just wanted to let you know the consequences of guests behaving badly and their direct effect on your wedding photography investment! I respect all types of weddings, but by providing this information on the unplugged wedding, I’m sure you will all make the best choice and a wise decision for your special day! Whether my clients have an unplugged wedding or not, I will always respect their wishes.

Please consider the following points if you are about to plan a wedding:


Guests with mobile phones and cameras in their hands can end up ruining an amazing moment by intervening in the pictures and flashing their cameras. They have NO IDEA how to stay out of the photographer’s way. This also affects the type of shots the photographer takes as guests don’t stop moving from one place to another, and the photographer could miss the chance to capture a memorable or special moment. Why not then allow the guests to sit quietly without a phone or camera at an unplugged wedding, and let the professional photographer take the best shots of this memorable day?


Would you prefer the guests at your wedding to smile at you or at the number of likes they receive on their Facebook page as they upload a photo of your ceremony? Enforcing an unplugged wedding will allow everyone to socialise amongst themselves, rather than socialising on social networking sites. The bride and groom’s biggest and most important day needs to be cherished and lived to the fullest, without any camera’s disturbing flash or clicking sound.

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Picture quality

Guests at a wedding always want to take a lot of photos and want them to be better than the official wedding photographer’s. However, this competition might end up affecting the quality of your images taken by the professional photographer. The flash of other cameras can interfere with the photographer’s images at key moments. And let’s face it, the guests don’t even take good pictures, so why even bother? Why not just allow the photographer to do his job, which trust me, is not an easy task!

iPads are really BIG

That may sound humorous, but standing with an iPad to capture a moment is just too disturbing for the people standing behind, trying to see what’s happening. They end up seeing the ceremony on the iPad screen rather than seeing it live. And the photographer wouldn’t feel inspired to take a picture if someone is standing with this huge device in front of them. Although it’s a growing trend to carry an iPad and use it as a camera, it should definitely be left at home for such events!

a word to guests

Enjoying a moment through your eyes is way more memorable and heartwarming than seeing it through your camera or mobile phone screen. Sharing a video of the ceremony on Facebook immediately might make you happy, however, putting your phone aside and sharing your smile with the couple getting married will make them feel even more delighted.

All the special moments of the entire ceremony and formal parties will be captured and saved, which is why a wedding photographer is hired and paid. All you need to do as a guest is sit and capture the scene in your hearts, making the couple feel even more special and blessed.

So now leave your comments below and tell me what do you think about unplugged wedding ceremonies?

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