Tom Robak Wedding Photographer is one the most trusted company for wedding photography for quite a few years. Through my experience I know that photography isn’t just clicking snaps of the wedding, but it involves lot of preparations, both from the photographer and wedding couples’ end.


I guess every wedding photographer will say that how the young brides are concerned about their looks for the shoot. Wedding is a great ceremony in our life, so every human being wants to look good, so that they can cherish the moments through the photographs all throughout the life.  But on the wedding day brides often feel tensed, nervous and anxiety which affects the photographs.

Pre wedding tips for the bride

1. Know your photographer. Talk to your wedding photographer 2-3 times before the wedding. Get comfortable with him; let him know what you want and how he perceives the event. Get valuable suggestions and also express your opinion. Book a pre-wedding photo shoot as a test photo shoot. Once you have the confidence on your photographer, you will definitely be less camera-conscious.

2. After knowing your photographer what you need to do next is do rehearsals. Just like you prepared for your school dramas by rehearsing before the mirror for thousand times to be the best, during your pre wedding span you and your partner can rehearse all the poses by taking help from the photographer, to get the perfect pictures.


3. What is important to have great pictures is the ‘light’ and best if it is natural. So before wedding don’t forget to ask your photographer to visit the wedding venue to get the idea about the amount of natural light available for photos and plan your wedding ceremonies accordingly.

4. Admiring yourself on the mirror can’t be enough. So book your appointments to the stylist and your makeup artist much prior to the wedding and discuss what is your need. Do try your wedding gown as many times as you want during the pre-wedding time to get the perfect fit.

5. Watch out your weight. To get into your dreamy fit wedding gown you need to take care of the weight issue. Regular free hand exercise and proper diet can be done. You can also consult a dietician and physical trainer to plan a balanced workout planning at least five to six months before wedding.

6. To get glowing skin, just few days before wedding, pamper yourself from head to toe in a beauty salon. If you don’t want your dark patches and fine lines to appear on your face, do the needful facial treatments beforehand. Other important beauty treatments like- pedicure, manicure, waxing, hair spa also needs to be done twice or thrice before wedding.


7. To improve your beauty from within, a very good option is spa. Spa will help to rejuvenate yourself from within and it will show on your face on your d-day. It will soothe your mind and body to make you more relaxed to enjoy the fun and frolic of the wedding.

I am sure these small but helpful tips can do wonders if done properly and help you to turn into a picture perfect bride on your d-day. If you need any further help just contact me. Yours own Tom Robak is always at your service.