While hiring an amateur photographer sounds like it could save you a lot of money, you’ll find you come to regret going without a professional. Here, I’ll explain why amateur photographers produce poor photos and why you should spend money hiring me instead.

What makes an amateur?

Amateur photographers can come in all shapes. They can be a friend, family member, or coworker who has access to a camera. They may even be a person who claims to be a professional. Amateurs generally take good photos of still objects, and may look wonderful when you see them. Flowers, fruits, and other still items make great photos for any photographer. It’s when you have to capture fleeting moments, such as a couple’s first kiss or dance, or when they cut the wedding cake, that their amateur photos start to show through.

Identifying amateur photos

It can sometimes be hard to tell the difference between a professional and am amateur just by looking at their photos. First of all, remember you are having them photograph a wedding. This is one of the most important part of your special day- it’s the only way to hold on to the wonderful times you had. My photography captures every moment, from your first kiss, your first dance, and even her smile as she walks down the aisle a married woman. My photos are the only way to forever remember every aspect of the day you got married. Amateur photos are often blurry and poorly timed. Without proper lighting, black shadows contrast sharply against the beautiful white gown. Whites become dim and yellow looking, and the food looks less than appetising. With my photos, you won’t have any regret; plenty of lighting and warm colours ensure you will see the day as fondly as you will remember it.


The importance of a photographer

Many brides look back with disappointment on their wedding day (and no, it’s not because of the groom). On your big wedding day, everything goes by in a whirl. As soon as you say “Yes” to the man of your dreams, your engagement becomes a sea of questions and decisions. What should the bridesmaid dresses be? Who will I invite? What type of food will we serve? Many people get so caught up in making decisions such as these, that they forget the only way they are going to remember the day for years. If you want to be able to look back at your wedding day, have the faces of all your loved ones captured forever, and the look on her face when she said “I do,” you need Tom Robak photography. My photographer will help you remember the day fondly and with the same happiness and excitement you remember feeling. The best part is that when your children come up to you and ask about your wedding day, you’ll have beautiful photos to show them. You’ll never feel embarrassed with my photography.

What makes photography so hard?

Photography is more than just snapping photos at things and making cool looking effects. There are special lenses for close ups and portrait shots, as well for poor and well lit areas. Zoom features and the quality changes from camera to camera. There are so many options for photographers that most amateurs have no idea what they are getting themselves in to. While you may believe that spending money on decorations, food, and the wedding cake is more important, without the use of a professional photographer such as me, there is no way you will be able to remember and capture each special moment. Every wedding is unique, and I know how to make my photos reflect each and every person that is in them.


How to make things easy on yourself

If you want to help ensure you get quality photos, have me help plan your wedding. Generally, weddings are best to be planned in the early, summer months. The warm colours from the grass and trees for outdoor weddings mean your wedding looks all the happier and brighter. For indoor weddings, the sun shines in through the windows longer and allows and beautiful warm glow to surround and fill the building. With such quality lighting, the contrast of shadows will be reduced and people will focus on the bride’s glowing face and beautifully decorated room. I can talk you through the various options you have for appropriately placing decorations, where the best place for tables will be, and other important decisions to make your big day wonderful. And best of all, you’ll have my photographs to remember the day exactly as it was – extraordinary.

Never forget the photos

What is the point in having a wonderful, decorated ceremony when there is no one to accurately capture the moment? Your wedding day is only a single day; my photographs will last for years. You’ll be able to show off your beautiful photos to everyone, and have the memories last for a lifetime. Quality photographers are hard to find, but when you hire me, you know you’ll be getting the highest quality photos you can find.