They say marriages made in heaven. On this beautiful world what we need is to just find that chosen one and wait for that opportune moment when the two souls become one. Yes! It is marriage. Be it young or middle aged, overweight or skinny, everyone has his or her kind of idea back in mind about that d-day. May be how beautiful or magical it sounds, the word ‘wedding’ comes up with a long list of preparations as the experience of wedding is such to be cherished forever. A single mistake can be fatal and even ruin your married life. So, before you start planning about your wedding, what do you need is to think, may be twice, thrice and many more times. It does not matter how much do you spend on your wedding but on what and why, because post marriage financial glitch is not worthy of your those priceless ‘just married’ moments.


So firstly jot down a plan by discussing how much you will be going to spend for the wedding and other preparations with your fiancé and even parents if they are helping you, in any way, because it was they who dreamt about your marriage since you were a kid. For those few extra pounds that can be spend on your favourite wedding shoes or delicious wedding cake, one can opt for savings account if you have few months between engagement and the wedding. After you have a budget ready what is next to be done is to decide how much to spend on what because it is always wise to save a little for future. Here is a must have / do list for your wedding – Wedding dress, engagement ring, wedding ring, hair and makeup, wedding cake, food and entertainment and finally to manage and coordinate all these things a wedding planner. But are we missing out on something? What is the point of all such preparations and pomp if we forget to frame it?? And here comes the photographer and videographer who actually put in all our efforts during for a wedding on a single canvas to make it ‘forever’ for posterity.


On the wedding day, both the camera friendly and camera shy, to be married brides and grooms would express their anxiousness about how they are going to look in their wedding photographs. So to ease out such difficulties here are some important tips on wedding photography that might help.  First and foremost, it is advisable to book a decent photographer who will understand your need and cater with the best result. Wedding photographers are a bunch of creative people but experience is something everyone can rely upon. If your wedding photography package includes engagement or pre-wedding photography, give it a shot to make yourself comfortable in front of the camera as well as with the photographer before your big day.

Photography is all about playing with light. So the selection of wedding venue or process of the wedding ceremonies needs to be done wisely to provide with the photographer the best possible natural light before it starts to fade. During a wedding, photographs can be of various kinds. Apart from the portraits of the bride, photographs of her dress, shoe, jewellery etc get a special mention in the wedding album. Bride getting her makeup done, informal dressing up of her bridesmaids or mother often come up as cute pictures. Bride and groom portraits, before or during the wedding ceremony (if allowed) or after, tends to get a special place. Everybody wants to look good on their wedding. To make this a reality, a good makeup artist is what you need who can add an extra spark to your wedding photographs.

Wedding is not just about the two of you but a family matter. So on this special day, your family, friends and guests- be it your shy aunt or mad-hatter uncle or your beloved mum-dad would want to share frame with you. Although time management goes for a toss on the wedding day but more the time the wedding photographer has, better memories can be clicked which will be ready to put an everlasting smile on your face in near future.


On the d-day, with butterflies in stomach and a throbbing heart, it is sometimes difficult to understand how to pose. In this regard it is advisable to listen to the photographer. You don’t need to follow the photographer’s idea blindly but it is whom, who knows what to offer in that difficult situation and come up with some flattering ideas to guide you. They are the ‘wedding’ photographer and exactly know what their job is in your wedding. Apart from something of your choice that you’d like to be photographed with, on that special day you need to trust your photographer and their ideas, to get a bunch of precious moments, clicked and framed.  Because photos are visual documents for future generations, the quality of work, prints and albums are also important and need to be done carefully.

Now you have the nitty-gritty of the wedding photography, if you are getting married soon or some of your loved ones, photography should be on the upper level of your priority list. If you are serious enough to hire a professional wedding photographer, technically skilled who could portray your d-day emotions with grace, covers destination weddings based in United Kingdom with high quality of work but reasonable prices, your search ends here. By combining the need of yours and my creativity, the fun frolic yet emotional moments of your wedding day can be permanently crafted, not only in memory but also in reportage manner with my professional touch.

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