I always found it helpful to create a list of shots that I wanted to take on the wedding day. I found that setting out a list with the couple of not only ‘WHERE’ they wanted shots but also some of the different combinations of WHO they wanted IN the shots was helpful. No doubt there are many wedding moments you won’t want to miss. The style and number of these images will all depend on how long you’ve hired your wedding photographer. Since you should count on at least five minutes per shot, it’s unrealistic to expect all the photos below, but pick and choose those shots that mean most to you.


I am not suggesting for one second that you should have a wedding photography shot list in your pocket for the day (as your wedding photographer I will do that), rather this is just to provide a starting point for thinking and talking about what your “must have” wedding photographs are, the ones you would miss if you didn’t remember to ask for them.

In truth, most couples don’t really think about the actual photographs until it comes to reviewing them afterwards. While usually everything is fine, as I have a standard list of images and as a good photographer I will capture all the important stuff well, there may be a few shots that you would really like, but may not be prioritised on the day unless you ask in advance.

Basically you want to make sure to avoid thoughts like… “Oh, I wish we had one of my favourite Uncle John and me together, should have thought of that…” or “we’ve none of us in the garden with the thank you signs, forgot to ask the photographer about that”.


The point of providing me as your wedding photographer with a shot list isn’t to come up with as many different shots as possible for your wedding (that’s the photographer’s job). But rather, the point of the shot list is to clue your photographer in on the parts of your wedding that are unique and specific to you and your partner, so that I show up to work armed with all the info I need to shoot the shit out of your wedding. Because that’s what you hired Tom Robak Photography for, right?

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