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It’s a well known fact that couples are now vesting more interest and time in choosing the perfect music to accompany their day, not only do couples give their band or DJ a list of what to play, but also a list of what not to play. Bride’s are spending so much time making sure the soundtrack to their day is just right. It must tick all the boxes including suiting the couples personalities, the formality of the wedding, the vibe they want the guests to feel and, and, and…. One bride on Facebook told: ”I’m finding that picking songs that fit who we are and what we like to be the hardest decision to make in the whole wedding.”


The traditional first dance for the bride and groom can be a nerve wracking moment. Some couples have a song long before they get married, the first song they danced to years ago or something from a special moment in their relationship. Others pick something for their first dance and it becomes their special song. The key though is to pick a track you both love.

First Dance Tips

  • If your song is super long, let the DJ know to fade it out at a certain point or have the band only do the first couple of verses. 6 minutes of having people watch you dance will seem like forever.
  • Even if you aren’t planning a whole choreographed routine, taking dancing lessons can be a fun thing for couples to do together and a way to make you just a tad more graceful.
  • Whether you take lessons or not, you should definitely do a little practice. Try out dancing to your song at least once. Make sure you’re both on the same page with how you’re planning on dancing.
  • While you’re at a dress fitting, take a spin around the dress shop too. Make sure you’re comfortable moving around in your dress, that you’re not tripping over the hem and everything is staying in place!

To make your organising a lot easier we have put together this list of what the most popular wedding songs were for 2014

Classic Wedding First Dance Songs

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Modern Wedding First Dance Songs

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What’s your song? We would love to hear!

If you have any song suggestions please leave your comment. We will add them to our playlists!