An engagement shoot is a pre-wedding photography session that allows the couple freedom to express their love and an opportunity to explore their creative ideas. It is the perfect moment to get comfortable in front of the camera and to communicate your unique individuality. Not only will you have a collection of stunning happy memories as a result, but you’ll also be confidently ready for your big day.

Ideally the photographer you hire will work with you to capture the heart, soul and romance of your relationship, from engagement to the wedding day. The pre-wedding shoot will help you build rapport with the engagement photographer so that you relax and enjoy the experience.

It is important to arrange your engagement session early. This will give you plenty of time to enjoy the photographs and to prepare for the big day. You’ll also be able to tweak your creative ideas so that the wedding photographer can capture the perfect moments of each special occasion.

In an age when declarations of love have no boundaries an engagement shoot symbolises the loving unity between two people, in a personalised and creative way. Savour the perfect moments by creating a beautiful collection of images that recall the time you accepted the proposal of marriage.

You’ll Have Quality Time Together

If you’re looking for just one reason to have an engagement shoot this is it! Accepting a proposal of marriage completely changes your life. Before you know it you’ll be swept along with the wedding preparations so making the time to spend some quality time together is important. Savouring precious moments together should be top of your to-do-list.

You are getting married because you are in love and the engagement session is the perfect occasion to express the love you share with your partner. The stunning images will capture the romance of your unique intimate connection so that you can treasure the moments for the rest of your life.


You Can Express Your Creative Side

An engagement shoot should be fun so take the opportunity to express your creative side. Choose a location that has special meaning and significance for the both of you. This is your opportunity to take some exceptional images. If you both share a love, interest or hobby think about incorporating it into your engagement theme. The engagement photographer will work with you to capture the spirit of the occasion, so let your imagination run wild.

An engagement photographer is experienced in creating fabulous personalised images of the couple, whatever the location and however unusual or dramatic the theme. Be playful and get creative!

You See Your Relationship In A New Way

The photographs taken at an engagement shoot will be very different to the more formal images of your wedding day. In other words, the engagement photographer will capture you and your other half being natural and full of the joys of love. In contrast, your wedding day will be a more controlled affair, quite simply because there will be many more people involved in the occasion.

Use your engagement shoot as a chance to see your relationship from all angles. Appreciate your partner’s playful mood, cherish the intimate moments, laugh lots and enjoy the experience. The photographs of your engagement will be the memories of why you fell in love.


You’ll See The Real You

Not everyone is super confident in front of a camera. Your experienced wedding photographer will be able to put you at ease so that you are comfortable being your self. You’ll be able to appreciate your beauty, grace and unique personality so that you identify exactly the person you want to show off on your wedding day.

The engagement shoot is the perfect dummy run and also helps you determine how you want to pose, look and act on the big day.

You Get To Know Your Photographer

Building rapport with your wedding photographer is highly recommended if you want to ensure you are happy and satisfied with your engagement and wedding photographs. Seeing photographs, prior to your wedding, means that you will understand how the camera lens translates the image of how you see yourself. This will build trust and confidence in your photographer’s professional skills, and won’t make you feel like a stranger is photographing you on your big day.

An engagement shoot also gives you an opportunity to explore different photography styles. Reportage, traditional and contemporary wedding photography styles create very different photograph albums. Use the engagement shoot to get the best from your photographer so that you achieve your desired visual outcome on your wedding day.


The Photographer Gets To Know You

Every wedding photographer has an individual way of working, so it is good practice to have a trial run. An experienced wedding photographer is far more than a person taking a few snaps, so he will want to understand who and your partner are in order to create a narrative story of beautiful romantic images.

The photographer will also be able to check your location, lighting, expression and editing preferences.

You’ll Have Portraits To Incorporate Into Your Wedding Theme

Your engagement photographs can be arranged in a magnificent photograph album or they can be used to enhance the wedding theme. A stunning image of you and your fiancé can be used to create a contemporary ‘save the date’ wedding invitation, printed on to a wedding CD or published in a personalised way.

Tom Robak Wedding Photographer London specialises in creating romantic engagement portraits that can be themed to highlight and celebrate the entire wedding concept.

You’ll Define Your Personal Couple Style

Brides usually have very clear ideas of how they want their wedding photographs to look. However, it is not until they see engagement photographs that they get a real indication of what is and isn’t possible. An engagement shoot is a trial run for the main event and gives you time to define your couple style. See this as an opportunity to conjure up some magic. Your wedding photographer will work with you to ensure your individual personalities take centre stage on your big day.


You Get To Practice For The Big Day

Getting comfortable in front of the camera before the wedding day is the best way to overcome camera shy confidence issues. An engagement shoot gives you the freedom to practice for the big day, but in the privacy of your intimate romantic partnership, and not in front of an audience of family and friends.

You can also test out your wedding day hair and make-up look, soften up in front of the lens for a more natural pose and generally play at being a photogenic goddess for the day.

You’ll Have Amazing Photographs!

If having a fabulous romantic time with your other half wasn’t enough you also get to have an amazing collection of gorgeous photographs to cherish for a lifetime. For most couples their wedding will be planned with everyone else in mind – an engagement is a special occasion made for just two people!