"Unplugged Wedding" and mobile phones at the Wedding Ceremony - a photographer perspective

Nowadays, attending a wedding is no longer about sitting and enjoying the moment, but rather about guests taking pictures using their cameras or mobile phones. People consider it to be more important to capture the moment on their phones rather than cherishing it personally. As a bride and groom, you might like it, however, I would like to mention another option to you: The Unplugged Wedding.

The Unplugged Wedding

This type of wedding will restrict all guests from using their cameras, mobile phones, iPads, etc. throughout the ceremony or even the entire day, depending on how long the bride and groom want it to last. I believe this is truly a wonderful option, as  guests would genuinely enjoy the ceremony and what's more, allow the professional photographer, who is being paid after all, to take the photos.


A wedding ceremony can sometimes become frustrating when the guests try to intervene and “photo bomb” what could be the most candid shots of the wedding. Apart from that, guests always move around to take pictures, disturbing other people’s view, and the photographer’s work. They don’t realise that photos can be taken by remaining seated where they are, and by respecting the fact that hired photographers should be given the chance to do their job correctly, and not by spoiling the moment. If this issue is solved, unplugged weddings wouldn’t be as popular as they are today.


My aim is not to scare anyone, but rather be practical. I just wanted to let you know the consequences of guests behaving badly and their direct effect on your wedding photography investment! I respect all types of weddings, but by providing this information on the unplugged wedding, I’m sure you will all make the best choice and a wise decision for your special day! Whether my clients have an unplugged wedding or not, I will always respect their wishes.

Please consider the following points if you are about to plan a wedding:


Guests with mobile phones and cameras in their hands can end up ruining an amazing moment by intervening in the pictures and flashing their cameras. They have NO IDEA how to stay out of the photographer’s way. This also affects the type of shots the photographer takes as guests don’t stop moving from one place to another, and the photographer could miss the chance to capture a memorable or special moment. Why not then allow the guests to sit quietly without a phone or camera at an unplugged wedding, and let the professional photographer take the best shots of this memorable day?


Would you prefer the guests at your wedding to smile at you or at the number of likes they receive on their Facebook page as they upload a photo of your ceremony? Enforcing an unplugged wedding will allow everyone to socialise amongst themselves, rather than socialising on social networking sites. The bride and groom’s biggest and most important day needs to be cherished and lived to the fullest, without any camera’s disturbing flash or clicking sound.


Picture quality

Guests at a wedding always want to take a lot of photos and want them to be better than the official wedding photographer’s. However, this competition might end up affecting the quality of your images taken by the professional photographer. The flash of other cameras can interfere with the photographer’s images at key moments. And let’s face it, the guests don’t even take good pictures, so why even bother? Why not just allow the photographer to do his job, which trust me, is not an easy task!

iPads are really BIG

That may sound humorous, but standing with an iPad to capture a moment is just too disturbing for the people standing behind, trying to see what’s happening. They end up seeing the ceremony on the iPad screen rather than seeing it live. And the photographer wouldn’t feel inspired to take a picture if someone is standing with this huge device in front of them. Although it’s a growing trend to carry an iPad and use it as a camera, it should definitely be left at home for such events!

a word to guests

Enjoying a moment through your eyes is way more memorable and heartwarming than seeing it through your camera or mobile phone screen. Sharing a video of the ceremony on Facebook immediately might make you happy, however, putting your phone aside and sharing your smile with the couple getting married will make them feel even more delighted.

All the special moments of the entire ceremony and formal parties will be captured and saved, which is why a wedding photographer is hired and paid. All you need to do as a guest is sit and capture the scene in your hearts, making the couple feel even more special and blessed.

So now leave your comments below and tell me what do you think about unplugged wedding ceremonies?


What is your budget for a wedding photographer?

Real Questions you ask a wedding photographer and real meaning of the answers

Why wedding photography is so expensive?

It is often very difficult to discuss wedding photography prices and opinions about wedding photography being expensive, but let me start off by saying that everyone out there has a different definition of what “expensive” is. Some people will say that paying £1,200 for a wedding photographer is “expensive” while others will pay more than £4,000 for a wedding photographer before they consider this being “too expensive”. So the term “expensive” is relative.

Getting married is something you may need and the wedding photographer is something you want. As a wedding photographer in London I would like to show you (the bride and groom, the reader and all general public) some important details to help you understand the secrets behind wedding photographer prices  but don't forget - wedding photography is a luxury service. We sell the brand and its story, its exclusivity and the status it imbues, the timeless photography, customer service, and ability to retain value longer than other less exclusive brands.

Talent - skills and experience

First of all and surely the most important! You are paying for the skills that photographer possesses. Just as some pay more for a hair cut at a salon depending on the experience and skill level of the stylist. It's not only tools that drive their prices up, it's the level of skill, experience, and consistency of great results.

Equipment - Cameras, Lenses and Flashes

Don’t think for even a second that wedding photographer’s equipment is cheap! I would take a risk and say that the equipment value of a decent wedding photographer probably exceeds the cost of your wedding dress, shoes and catering bill combined. Like a watchmaker or a surgeon, a photographer can’t do their job properly without the proper tools. Even though the more weddings I shoot, the less gear I use, it’s still very expensive and don’t forget that as technology grows, wedding photographers need to invest in newer equipment to maintain the expected level of quality. The cost and maintenance of equipment  is a part of your wedding photography price.

Like I wrote in my previous article: “What is your wedding photography budget?” A photographer who is offering you a service for 12 hours and gives you all pictures for only £500 might not have any backup equipment or even have decent lenses, which would make them no different from “uncle Bob” with a point-and-shoot camera.


Equipment - Software and Websites

Basically, equipment is not only the cameras or lenses, it’s also the software wedding photographers use to process and edit your wedding pictures. It is also the website that attracted you to them in the first place! Talking about first place, it is also an expensive SEO that makes their sites visible in Google or on other search engines!

Owning legal software licenses like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop with additional plugins, presets and filters is NOT cheap! And yes, a truly professional photographer has bought the programs and uses them legally. Software needs to be upgraded, so the computers themselves need to be upgraded as the newer software requires it to run. Owning a website and paying for a website designer is also very expensive and can run into the thousands. All these fees play a part in your wedding photography price.

The Second Photographer

It is really impressive how wedding photography has evolved over the last few years. Before, couples were thrilled with 100-200 pictures (of course on average) when photographers were shooting using film cameras. These days 99% of wedding photographers shoot on digital cameras. Thanks to this, we can take thousands of pictures on a wedding day, and more importantly, brides and grooms expect this. In addition to this, brides and grooms are now expecting two photographers at their wedding! Of course there are great benefits of having a second shooter, but wedding magazines make the couple feel that they are losing out by only having one photographer. Like I wrote, I like the idea of a 2nd shooter, but only when it’s necessary to have one. Remember, having a second shooter at your wedding is an additional cost. Simply, the more people involved in photographing your wedding day, the higher the cost will be. Wedding photographers have to pay for the additional team members. After all, you don’t expect people to work for free, do you?


Studio & Office Rental

It is not that popular these days as wedding photographers work from their “home office” more often, but just to let you know, if you are going to hire a wedding photographer who owns a studio or has an office, then there is a good chance that their studio or office bill will be in their wedding photography fee.


Yes, that is right. Think about how you found your wedding photographer. Was it at a wedding fair? Or maybe you saw an article or advert in a magazine? Or maybe you found them on Google or Bing? Everything above costs your wedding photographer money. Actually,  there is one form of advertising that comes free, “word of mouth” - the best because it’s free. But let's face it, it’s not even nearly as effective as advertising at a wedding fair, search engines or being featured in wedding magazines. Anyway, I really really appreciate all word-of-mouth referrals from my wedding couples!! Many thanks for that.

Certain popular London wedding shows charge photographers thousands just for a booth! And websites like RockNRollBride.com or JuneBugWeddings.com, although a good sources of information, charge hundreds for front page advertising. Search Engine Optimisation (the thing that helps a website to show up on the first few search results) is quite an investment, too. The more aggressively a wedding photographer advertises, the higher their costs will be because they have to compensate for the insanely high cost of advertising.


I am sure that when many couples see a photographer’s prices, they think “wow! that’s a lot money for one day’s work!”. Well, the fact is, unlike your DJ, decorator or caterer - your wedding photographer’s work starts before your big day and continues on afterwards too. First of all a wedding photographer needs to invest time to meet with you (sometimes even a couple times), then take pictures of your engagement session and edit them, then shoot and edit your wedding day, copy and backup all pictures (this takes time too, to copy & backup 60 or even 100 gigs worth of files on two separate backup drives - yes, decent photographers usually have two or more backup disks). It’s on average 50 hours of work just to edit your engagement and wedding pictures.

That is not the end. What about customer service? Social media management? Blogging and writing articles for future brides and grooms to make their life easier (like this article you are reading)? This takes time too.


Alright then, so how to have amazing wedding photos when you are on a budget?

Simply, you need to find them somehow. Do research using all the information I wrote above to help you find an affordable and talented wedding photographer. If you find a photographer who owns his/her business and has no staff to pay, then you have a chance of saving some money. This probably means that you need to give up your dreams of having a second shooter. Find a decent photographer who has all the professional equipment they need as well as backup gear, but who doesn’t run a studio or office and simply works out of their home. Don’t look for vendors at big wedding shows if you are on a budget! These wedding shows are usually very expensive for exhibitors so your chances are very small of finding a vendor who can work within your wedding budget. I would suggest you use social media. Do some searches on Facebook and look at the Facebook Groups. They are good ways of finding truly talented vendors that will work within your budget. Finally, you can save money if you find someone who is a part-time wedding photographer. Well, it might take a bit longer to get your wedding pictures but it’s worth considering the amount of money you will save.

Just one more thought… as the saying goes, “You get what you pay for”. Be smart and don’t forget that a “professional” photographer who will shoot an all day wedding for a few-hundred pounds will often only be a semi-professional, building a portfolio, not having the equipment needed to get you the photos you want or not having the proper insurance or legal software. You need to be aware of this.

So the moral of the story is…there is a method to our madness when us wedding photographers determine our prices! Some of us set it up so that we have the same salary as an average person while others pay off their Aston Martin - but the price of a photographer doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality of their work - they may just be running a very expensive business that you’ll be paying for and these are exceptions to the rule. That’s why you should always interview your wedding photographer and choose the one that not only suits your budget but who you connect with!

What is your budget for a wedding photographer?

Some brides and grooms know that already and it's obvious for them, however, some not. That's why I'm writing yet another article about defining wedding budget for a wedding photographyI could simply say 10% and that would be the end of this story! But no worries, I'm kidding and I will try to explain a bit more about it. Although, if you search for this topic in Google, you will see that this 10% is the common answer, but of course depending on how DIY your wedding is or frankly, how important wedding photography is to you, 10% just won’t get you what you really want or expect.

So why is ten percent the most popular answer? What is so special about having 10% of your wedding budget reserved for a wedding photographer? Well, actually nothing! It is simply a good starting point for the average wedding budget.

Brides, before any of you get ideas and dreams about your wedding, having a defined budget is really essential. You can’t show your vendors if you don’t know what your budget for the wedding day will be. Did you notice earlier that I said ‘average wedding’? Right, so the average wedding dedicates approximately 10% of the total wedding budget to a wedding photography. According to Brides UK magazine, the average cost of a British wedding in 2013 was nearly £25,000. So how does your wedding budget compare to that? Is it similar? Maybe more or less?


So if your wedding budget is more than the average of £25,000 then there is a chance that you are planning a high-end wedding with no detail overlooked! Typical brides who plan a high-end wedding usually reserve more of their wedding budget for the photographer as they also purchase engagement sessions, albums and parent books.

If your wedding budget is lower than the average (£20,000 or less) then there is a good chance that you are making most of your decisions based on a budget. Many couples who are on the strict budget have a difficulties in finding a decent wedding photographer for two reasons: First, price is proportional to talent. Second, many brides and grooms are looking for more coverage than their budget allows and they will never find a great photographer who is keen to work for less money.

How to set your wedding photography budget?

  1. Let’s start with this 10%. Figure out how much it is in your total wedding budget. Take the 10% of your overall budget and this will be a starting point to give you a better idea of what range of wedding photographer you can work with.
  2. Now discuss with your fiance how important wedding photography is to you both and define your desired needs. Do you want a wedding photographer for all day or maybe from the ceremony until first dance? Do you want all images on USB? Do you need 2 photographers? Do you want printed albums? Etc. These are things you need to discuss to figure out what price range of wedding photographers you are looking for.
  3. Make time to do some research on wedding photographer prices and packages. Compare your needs to what your 10% budget is. Are you able to compare it or do you need more than you were initially planning on paying for?
  4. Now get back to the starting point. Look at your wedding budget again and check if you can stretch your budget for wedding photography by tightening it somewhere else? Or maybe you have to sort your desired needs again? Do you really need that second shooter? Do you really need extra parent books? There is a huge difference between needing something and wanting something!
  5. Contact the photographers you have researched and arrange meetings. I recently wrote an article on questions you should ask your wedding photographer - this might be very helpful to you when contacting a photographer. If you are happy with their package, happy with the talent, happy with the work, happy with the pricing then go ahead and hire them!

how to set your wedding photography budget

This is a brief summary of approximately what you can get for your money when you are looking for a full day (8+ hours) wedding photographer at different price points:

Wedding Photographers for less than £700

There are real chances that these wedding photographers are only semi-pro and are inexperienced. They probably do NOT have liability insurance or back-up gear and either don’t really edit their photos or only give you a handful of photos. Probably a student or photography is a second job for this person.

Wedding Photographers £700 – £1,100

Very often a “new professional”, someone who is starting out and needs to build their portfolio. They are working for less because of their lack of experience. This photographer may limit the amount of editing on photos or only give you a certain amount of photos.

Wedding Photographers £1,100 – £2,000

This is a professional photographer, experienced wedding photographer and is flexible to work in any situation either solo or in a team with their second shooters as an option. Generally, this wedding photographer give clients all images on USB or in an online gallery and usually adds some freebies like an engagement session. Reliable, talented and hardworking. Usually offering a second shooter and high-end albums and prints for additional fee.

Wedding Photographers £2,000 – £3,000

Professional wedding photographers with semi-professional or newly professional shooters included in price. The main photographer takes a larger share of the money as the second shooting photographer is willing to work for less as they are usually still building their own portfolio. The 2nd shooters may not always work all day as part of their job may be assisting the primary photographer. Generally, they give all images on USB and very often adds freebies such as engagement sessions.

Wedding Photographers £3,000 – £5,000

Professional photographer with a professional partner. Two professional wedding shooters for all day who are hard working, efficient and able to work well on their own too. Very good coverage, many photos from many angles, all the photos are given to the couple. Extra retouching like skin softening or albums are often included in the higher end of this price category.

£5,000 + Wedding Photographers

Everything that is mentioned in the previous price range and typically includes fine art albums and other expensive products like high-end canvases or prints.

This should give you some insight into the cost of wedding photography. I’d like to say one more thing: DO NOT plan your wedding according to a wedding magazine, book or a website! Just because I, some other magazine or book tells you to pay a specific amount of your wedding budget for a wedding photographer doesn’t mean you have to do it! Keep your total budget in mind but it’s also important to invest in your memories.

Remember: Your big day only happens once!


Don't forget to read more about questions to ask your wedding photographer and their real meaning!

Real Questions you ask a wedding photographer and real meaning of the answers

Lately I have been getting a lot of enquiries from couples asking me questions like “What camera do you use? Are they mirrorless? What type of lighting do you use? Can you describe your style? etc." Wow, these questions are a bit senseless and I wonder, do couples really know what they are asking about? Do the groom and bride know how the model or brand of a camera impacts the final results? Honestly, do they understand the pros and cons of various lighting approaches? So, in response to a couple of brides asking me couple of these questions, I asked them why they were asking me?... Guess what, those questions came from wedding blogs, magazines and other wedding photographers as some kind of ‘recommended things to ask wedding photographers’… Eeeeek!

So to all wedding photographers, wedding bloggers, wedding magazines and generally the entire wedding industry - why on earth do you write the same articles guiding brides and grooms to ask questions like this, they don’t even fully understand them? You’re just wasting everyone’s time!


To set things straight and to stop this madness, I will write yet another article listing these questions you ask a wedding photographer and what the answers really mean, to help you understand them.  After you read this article you will know all the answers and you will decide what questions ask your wedding photographer or not, which one are important to you, which are NOT. The list might be a bit long because: First, I'm trying to nail all questions; Second, I will also provide the basic background knowledge for couples, to help explain them what the answers of these questions truly mean to them. Furthermore, I will be leaving the comments section below this article open to discuss more about questions that are posted for those who need a little more explanation on some of the answers. So, here they are,  all questions nailed with the real meaning of answers:

Can I see a full wedding set?

This is a must ask question! Actually, you should ask to see a couple of full wedding sets of pictures. These days it's very easy as most professional photographers are using online galleries or cloud file hosting like Dropbox etc. If possible, you could ask to see weddings in similar venues to yours like: barn venue, dark indoor venue or open space venue. You also want to know that your photographer can work with any body type, not just "pretty-model" types of couples, so ask if they can share with you, weddings of people who look similar to you (ie: if you’re a plus size bride or if there’s a huge height difference between the bride and the groom, etc.)

What kind of lighting do you use?

If the photographer says “3 Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT controlled with pocket wizards or Canon ST-E3-RT” would that mean anything to you? I don't think so, and that's why this question drives me a bit crazy! Plenty of photographers call themselves “natural light photographers”. There’s nothing wrong with that, but usually this is a way of masking the fact that they have no idea how to use flashes. So the rationale behind this question is this: a great wedding photographer should be flexible in every situation. If it starts raining in your lovely park or field and you need to use some dark indoor location for photos, you need to be sure that your wedding photographer is able to shoot there too. If your photographer uses one flash only that is mounted to the camera, their photos may not be "wow". If your wedding photographer can and knows how to use multiple flashes properly, definitely you will get more of a ”wow" in your pictures.

Have you ever shot in 'my venue or location' before?

Decent wedding photographers have the great skills and equipment to shoot at any location at any time. To be honest, as a wedding photographer London, I find I'm actually more creative and inspired when I get the chance to shoot in a location that I've never been to. However, in case you're worried about your photographer not knowing the area, you could request that they scout it with you before hand - they may be doing this regardless. There is no need to waste yours and their time, so if you are one of those couples who insist that they will only hire a photographer who has been to the wedding venue before, please ask your photographer this question before your in-person meeting. If you ask this question a destination wedding photographer the chance that they shoot in your venue or location before are close to zero. They are shooting worldwide...

How many weddings have you shot so far?

Dear bride and groom, there is no magic wedding amount that makes a wedding photographer deserving of your business. Each photographer works in different ways, some of them shoot only 15 weddings per year and do their own editing, while others can shoot 50 or more weddings and pay someone else to edit their pictures. Two different business types can't be compared. This is like comparing melons to grapes - simply doesn't work. But if you really want to ask this, you could do it in a different way. Simply engage a wedding photographer in a chat and get them to tell you more about the previous wedding season: what it was like, what locations did they shoot and what challenges were there, what kind of clients did they work with (plus size, shy, etc.), what workshops they attend, etc. This will definitely give you an idea of how balanced they are as a business person and an artist.

What editing do you do on the pictures?

This is a question where the couple doesn't realise what they are actually asking about. Many brides ask if the pictures will be photoshopped or edited? Those are two different things - editing and enhancing. Most wedding photographers do classic editing on all the pictures. Photoshop/enhancing is usually reserved for printing or special requests because to do that on a single photo it takes anywhere between 20 minutes to a couple of hours. Don't be fooled, if a wedding photographer tells you that they will smooth your skin on every single photo, it is either a lie or they are working for pennies per hour because it will take a very,  very long time to do that in a professional way.


Do you edit wedding pictures yourself?

Well, regardless of who edits pictures, always ask your photographer if the images that you see on their website portfolio are these kind of what you will receive because sometimes you are seeing awesome photoshopped pictures on the photographer's website which may not be representative of the pictures you will receive. These days’ standard edits like exposure, colour grading, contrast, shadows, etc are sometimes outsourced to another company specialising in images editing. Some companies do a decent editing, others are a mainstream and do a so-so job. Of course those who do a great job charge more for their services because they have better staff to do this. Editing by cheaper companies can be reflected in the quality of pictures that's why it's good to know if your pictures will be these kind you see in wedding photographer portfolio.

Are the photos we see on your website will be similar to what we’ll get?

As mentioned above. More and more wedding photographers no longer do their own picture editing. If your photographer is outsourcing their edits out to third party company or gets a different person to do the editing, then there is a chance that what you’re seeing on their portfolio or sample albums is a somewhat enhanced version of what you will actually get.

Do you have a contract?

This is obvious! If your wedding photographer doesn’t have a contract - please RUN! Remember that no contract means bad news!

Have you ever shot a Nigerian or Greek or Indian or etc. wedding before?

Just because a wedding photographer hasn't shot a specific type of wedding before, doesn't mean that they don't know how! Of course different cultures have different traditions on the wedding day, but a great wedding photographer will shoot with anything they are given. Again if you are a couple who insists on having a photographer who has shot plenty of Indian or Nigerian etc. weddings and this is non-negotiable, then ensure to ask about it in your first contact with the wedding photographer. Keep this in mind: wedding photographers specialise in weddings – despite the cultural background of the clients and traditions that will happen on the wedding day.

Can I see your portfolio?

I'm surprised that this question is included in a leading magazine for brides and many "question to ask your wedding photographer" articles. I'm so glad none of my couples asked me that question! I think that every half-decent wedding photographer has a website portfolio or a blog. Simply do your homework and check a photographer’s website, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Most photographers upload "sneak peek" pictures on their Facebook pages sometimes within only a day from their most recent shoots.


When are the payments due?

Those dates should always be in your contract for your protection. The most common practice is to ask for full payment before the wedding day, so you shouldn't be surprised. Some photographers ask for a final payment on the wedding day. It's better not to try and negotiate your payment dates as it makes you look as if you have no funds. This might cause the wedding photographer to not take you on as a customer. However, you can always discuss a monthly payment plan or special arrangements with your photographer.

Can we use our pictures to make our own album or prints if we want?

This is simple but be smart and make sure you get it in writing, allowing you to reproduce images in your wedding package. No written release - no deal!

Will you give me the raw files?

Most photographers agree with me when the couple ask this question, the interview is over. Why? Because asking this gives the photographer the impression that you underestimate their artistic souls. Do you even know what a RAW file is? If yes, why do you want them? Do you want to do the editing by yourself? If yes, why do you want to hire the wedding photographer in the first place?

Is this your full-time business?

This question can mean distinctive things so ensure you know what it is you are asking for. There are photographers who, lets call it "specialise", in everything: weddings, fashion, families, newborns, events, boudoir, maternity - an endless list! So if you notice this list on the photographer’s website make sure you ask them what percent of their clients are wedding couples. Just because the photographer is a full time one, it doesn't mean they shoot weddings full time. This question helps to dispense part-time and dedicated photographers but honestly, you can see someone’s level of professionalism from their website and social media engagement.

How soon will I see my photos?

At best your wedding photographer will give you a rough estimate and this is absolutely normal. This will vary based on photographer and seasonal workload. Don't compare turnaround time for photographers if you don't know which one does their own editing and which ones outsource this. Some wedding photographers will show "sneak peek" images shortly after weddings.

How would you describe your style?

Really? You know what the photographer’s style is, you have seen their portfolio. Honestly, don't ask this question


Will you be the one photographing the wedding?

Now that's an important question! Many studios have more photographers working for them so always make sure you talk to the photographer who will be shooting at your wedding and make sure that you see their portfolio. Trust me, you don't want to fall in love with the work of the photographer "AAAA" but only photographer "BBBB" will be the only one available for your big day.

Why are you a wedding photographer?

Prepare for a waste of your wedding planning time and many answers like "I just love love love to shoot people in love" etc. Simply if your photographer loves their job you will be able to tell after the interview. If secretly not, it will be known loud and clear during the interview as well as level of creativity and enthusiasm.

What will you wear on my wedding day?

Most wedding photographers wear subtle colours, something darker. A shirt and slacks…don't expect your wedding photographer to wear a suit or dress with heels. We will be working hard all day and must keep a balance between functionality and look.

Will you be working with an assistant?

Assistants were more common in the days of film photography. In dslr cameras era, none of them are necessary as photographers have more light and portable gear, we don't need to go around and take various meter readings or help to carry heavy bags as modern gear is lightweight. Don't confuse assistant with second shooter and always get your wedding photographer to clarify in the contract exactly what the definition of the second person involved is.

What’s the difference between an assistant and a second shooter?

To make it simple and clear - an assistant is there to do the "dirty work" for the photographer like carrying bags, holding reflectors etc. NOT for the bride and groom. An assistant does NOT take pictures and in most cases does NOT have any photography knowledge. It can be a friend of the photographer who wants to earn a couple of pounds.

A second shooter is a real benefit to the bride and groom. This is a professional person who has high-end photography equipment and their job is to capture additional moments for the couple. Typically, you will pay £300 or more for a second shooter. If you are told you will get a second shooter for free, be sceptical, because you are probably getting a student or a ”very new" professional building their portfolio.

Are all the photos on your website portfolio from real weddings?

Sometimes wedding photographers hire a model dressed as a bride, sometimes there is a groom too, and take pictures of them for portfolio and commercial purposes. It's called a styled shoot and it's totally different from a real wedding. The huge amount of time spent on the styled shoot and the result of this can NOT be compared to a real wedding. Also, most real couples don't have posing experience like models, so the best you can do is ask the photographer if the people in his/her portfolio are real brides and grooms or models. Before you fall in love with a wedding photographer’s work always ask if the pictures were shot on the actual wedding day because sometimes couples choose to take their wedding portraits before the actual wedding (sometimes after).


Do you have a photography degree?

Sadly, a diploma isn't something special when it comes to photography. You can have a fantastic wedding photographer with an amazing portfolio who started out as a second shooter, then you can have another photographer with a diploma and photography degree but their pictures are so-so...I bet your photographer can provide you with recent reviews.

What kind of camera do you use?

My brain explodes every time I hear that question. Why does it matter to the couple? Are they Nikon people and therefore will only work with a photographer who shoots on Nikon? Will they refuse to work with a photographer who has a Canon 5D Mark II and only work with a wedding photographer who shoots on the Canon 5D Mark III? Seriously, equipment as well as talent and editing skills contributes to the final result. Some photographers can shoot a great picture with a cheap dslr camera. Of course it may be because they took that awesome picture in the optimal lighting and weather conditions. As we know, in the United Kingdom, wedding days vary like crazy and there is no guarantee that you will have optimal conditions for taking pictures. Like I wrote, your photographer is only as good as their equipment, talent and editing skills together. If you take out one of these elements the end result will be off-balanced. Simply, a professional photographer should have professional equipment and backup gear if they want to contribute to the best possible final result.

What is your cancellation policy?

If your wedding photographer has a proper contract it will be there. The cancellation policy should be clauses about: the photographer cancelling, the couple cancelling before services are delivered and after some services have been delivered.

Do you have a backup equipment?

If the answer isn’t “absolutely yes!” – RUN as fast as you can! I'm not kidding, your wedding photographer should have at least 2 camera bodies, backup lenses, backup flashes, twice as many memory cards and batteries as they think they need and not only one but TWO separate external hard disks on which they backup your files post-wedding.

What happens if you’re sick?

A million pound question! Your wedding photographer should definitely have some kind of a plan "B" and even "C, D, E..." etc. Usually have a network of fellow photographers. Let's face it, even if your wedding photographer has a large network of friend photographers, there is still the risk that none of them will be available on your big day. If a wedding photographer can't cover your wedding day due to an accident or emergency, they should be providing a full refund regarding cancellation policy and it should be included in your contract as "cancellation by the photographer". Now I know it would really suck if your wedding photographer won't show up because of a car accident on the way to your wedding. However, the chances of a wedding photographer being ill or getting into a car accident is highly unlikely! A true professional won't miss the event because they have sniffles, this day is as important to him as it is to you! They take their cold & flu medicine and keep on working but genuine and inevitable emergencies can happen and are dealt with in the most professional and possible way.


If my wedding day runs late, will you stay longer? And how much will that cost me?

Don’t let photographers play around with that - get a clear answer. The contract should state what additional time is defined as and what it will cost. If your photographer does charge for extra hours, make sure you know when you have to pay them the additional time and have cash or card available on the wedding day if need be. Some wedding photographers claim “full day” packages but, in the small print, describe full day as meaning up until 9pm or so. That’s not really a "full day", is it? Always read your contract.

How far in advance do I need to book with you?

Book your wedding photographer ASAP! Even if the photographer may offer to temporarily "hold a date”, you need to remember that they are running a business and it would be foolish to turn down a client who showed up with the deposit in hand. Most wedding photographers work on a first booked first served basis. This means that your date is secured when you have paid a deposit and signed a contract.

What are your packages?

I may get some criticism from other photographers because here is a little secret. In most cases the reason a photographer doesn't show their prices online is because they want you to get in touch so they can surround you with prints, photos of their best images and then work their magic in order to get you to book, throwing some extras for "half price" like prints, engagement sessions, etc. In my opinion, there is no reason for a photographer to NOT showing their services and prices on the website. If prices are not listed on their website, you can simply request them via email. If a wedding photographer isn't keen on sending you prices via email straight away, it's probably because they want to use some high pressure sales techniques. Always make sure you see all prices, especially for extras like prints, albums, additional time, high resolution images etc. Also make sure you know if the price includes taxes or not.


How many pictures do you take on the wedding?

It's hard to estimate how many photos a photographer is going to take, the amount of pictures taken can vary. It's based on the amount of action at the wedding, the length of coverage and the length of time available for formal pictures. The point is quality over quantity! Would you rather have 550 amazing photos or 3,000 “so-so” photos?

Do you help pose us during the photo session?

Nice question to check their level of involvement in posing during the formal photo session. There are wedding photographers who are strictly focused on photojournalistic style and do only a little bit of posing and rely on the bride and groom to choose their best poses. Other photographers, especially those who have a fine-art approach, will be much more focused on posing a couple and taking care of all the details.

Do you have a physical location for your business?

Owning or renting a studio is expensive, that's why not all wedding photographers (especially London wedding photographers) have a studio. Working out of a home office does NOT make your wedding photographer any less professional, especially since wedding photographers have no need for a physical studio. All of our work occurs elsewhere. If your photographer has a studio, you are pretty much guaranteed to be paying more as they have an additional bill for a studio to be covered.

Like I've promised at the beginning of my article. I am leaving the comments section below open to all of you to discuss more about all questions that are posted and should be asked for those who need a little more explanation on some of the answers. You are more than welcome to discuss, go ahead!

PS. What is your budget for a wedding photography? Check a brief summary of approximately what you can get for your money when you are looking for a full day wedding photographer at different price points


What to Wear to Your Engagement Shoot

As a photographer, an engagement session is an opportunity for us to spend some time together, while you warm up in front of the camera and show off your personalities. I’ve written 10 Reasons To Have An Engagement Shoot and why pre wedding photography is so important in the past, but I’d like to focus this post on the most common questions I hear from my recently engaged couples: what to wear for engagement photo shoot session? Figuring out what to wear for your engagement photos shouldn’t be something to stress about. Casual, dressy, or themed? Darks or lights? As photographer I, of course, want my couples to look their best in their photos and the most important thing to remember is that your photos should be uniquely you, so read on for my top tips for engagement shoot fashion.

Be yourself

The most important thing during your engagement shoot is to be yourself!  The whole purpose of the shoot is to capture exactly who you are, and show your personalities. If you pick an outfit that just isn’t ‘you’, you’ll feel uncomfortable, and trust me, it’ll show in the photos. Whether you want to wear jeans and a t-shirt or a matching pajama set, your happiness will show through and influence the overall mood in the photos.

An engagement shoot is an opportunity to enhance your natural beauty. If you plan to wear makeup for your wedding day, this is a great time to coordinate a trial with your makeup artist. Getting your makeup done is a small investment that helps you feel confident — which definitely shows up in your pictures. Even if you don’t normally wear makeup, cameras have a sneaky way of picking up uneven tones on our faces. A little foundation and mascara will go a long way toward making your pictures reflect how you look every day.


Feel Comfortable

Think about your body type as well; you know what suits you and what doesn’t, so don’t just pick something you thought looked great in a magazine. If you’re worrying about what your arms look like in that strapless dress, it’s going to be harder to capture those beautiful moments of a couple in love. I mean that you should select clothing that is literally comfortable to wear, but I also mean that you should choose outfits that make you feel your best. Nothing creates awkwardness in front of the camera like feeling self-conscious, so be sure that whatever you end up wearing gives you confidence!

Colours & Match

You’ll want to coordinate with each other, rather than looking identical. As an example if SHE will wear beautiful red dress and HE sweet red tie then we have a match. They will look great together without looking too “matchy”. One thing to remember is they don’t have to be the exact same color. The same color family would work well too! Think about colors that complement each other, say cherry red and bright blue, or baby pink and turquoise, and make sure your outfits are color coordinated.

Black might be slimming, but I generally advise couples not to wear it since it leads to every speck of dust and hair being easily caught on camera. Wearing white should be saved for your wedding day. If you're feeling it, go ahead and embrace bold prints and bright colours. You'll be amazed how easily you become the focus of the photo, rather than just an addition to the landscape, when you're wearing an eye-catching hue or pattern. But don't both go for bold patterns. Instead, only one of you should, and the other should choose a top that pulls out a color from the pattern.



On the day of your engagement photo session, you should both look like you’re headed to the same place. Wear clothes that are on the same level of dressiness or casualness. Your clothes should have the same vibe. So if you’re going for a formal look, then both of you need to be formal.

Dress for the season, especially that I will do your engagement shoot mostly outdoors. Wearing thin summer clothes in the winter is only going to make you cold and miserable. Similarly, wearing heavy winter clothes in the height of summer is a surefire recipe for sweatiness, and I’m sure sweat stains and melting make-up isn’t the look you’re going for!


One quick and easy way to give yourself multiple looks with only one outfit is to incorporate layering into your style for the day. So consider adding a cardigan, blazer, or jacket to finish your look. Layers can also include accessories like a vest or belt, which always add another element to the photos.

The weather in the United Kingdom can be pretty unpredictable all year round, so prevent uncomfortable photo sessions by layering your look. That way, if you decide to have some photos taken in the cool shade and then hike to your next sunny location, you don’t have to break a sweat. Layers are also great because they hide areas you might not feel comfortable flaunting.



Think about where you will be shooting with me. Are we going for a soft natural/rustic feel? Then sticking to soft neutral colours may be a great option. Are we going to be shooting in a city? Then brighter colours or a more “dressed up” approach may work with the setting better. If your photos are in a park, a green dress might camouflage you with the grass and trees. A complimentary color, like a red dress, would pop against the green if you want to stand out. For a more subdued look, try a cool color like a blue, to differentiate from your surroundings. If we’re going to be shooting in a wheat field, try a casual sun dress or shirt and jeans. Be creative and imagine your look and play off the location.

Multiple Outfits

Bringing more than one outfit never hurts, especially if you can’t decide between casual and formal. I love the idea of starting off casual with a few laid back looks, then sampling it up with more high-fashion styles, then closing with a small little themed portion that really speaks to your personality as a couple. Wardrobe changes are always welcome and will give you an alternative look for your photos. Mostly your engagement shoot will take a place outdoor so be prepared to change clothes in a car... just to let you know it's possible to change your outfits.


Relax and have fun!

Engagement sessions are low-key and about capturing the two of you as you are – interacting, loving, kissing, laughing… so make sure to bring your smile and be ready to have a great time! Don’t feel like you have to treat any of the above like do-or-die rules. So what do you plan to wear for your engagement photo shoot? Remember, Pinterest is full of fashion ideas in case you need an inspiration boost! Let me know what your ideas are.

I really look forward to shooting more engagement sessions to get to know more about the brides/grooms I will be photographing on their wedding day. I learn a lot from a couple and their style just by what they are wearing during their engagement session. I get a good feel for what they like, their personalities and how their style will be reflected on their wedding day.

10 Reasons To Have An Engagement Shoot

An engagement shoot is a pre-wedding photography session that allows the couple freedom to express their love and an opportunity to explore their creative ideas. It is the perfect moment to get comfortable in front of the camera and to communicate your unique individuality. Not only will you have a collection of stunning happy memories as a result, but you’ll also be confidently ready for your big day.

Ideally the photographer you hire will work with you to capture the heart, soul and romance of your relationship, from engagement to the wedding day. The pre-wedding shoot will help you build rapport with the engagement photographer so that you relax and enjoy the experience.

It is important to arrange your engagement session early. This will give you plenty of time to enjoy the photographs and to prepare for the big day. You’ll also be able to tweak your creative ideas so that the wedding photographer can capture the perfect moments of each special occasion.

In an age when declarations of love have no boundaries an engagement shoot symbolises the loving unity between two people, in a personalised and creative way. Savour the perfect moments by creating a beautiful collection of images that recall the time you accepted the proposal of marriage.

You’ll Have Quality Time Together

If you’re looking for just one reason to have an engagement shoot this is it! Accepting a proposal of marriage completely changes your life. Before you know it you’ll be swept along with the wedding preparations so making the time to spend some quality time together is important. Savouring precious moments together should be top of your to-do-list.

You are getting married because you are in love and the engagement session is the perfect occasion to express the love you share with your partner. The stunning images will capture the romance of your unique intimate connection so that you can treasure the moments for the rest of your life.


You Can Express Your Creative Side

An engagement shoot should be fun so take the opportunity to express your creative side. Choose a location that has special meaning and significance for the both of you. This is your opportunity to take some exceptional images. If you both share a love, interest or hobby think about incorporating it into your engagement theme. The engagement photographer will work with you to capture the spirit of the occasion, so let your imagination run wild.

An engagement photographer is experienced in creating fabulous personalised images of the couple, whatever the location and however unusual or dramatic the theme. Be playful and get creative!

You See Your Relationship In A New Way

The photographs taken at an engagement shoot will be very different to the more formal images of your wedding day. In other words, the engagement photographer will capture you and your other half being natural and full of the joys of love. In contrast, your wedding day will be a more controlled affair, quite simply because there will be many more people involved in the occasion.

Use your engagement shoot as a chance to see your relationship from all angles. Appreciate your partner’s playful mood, cherish the intimate moments, laugh lots and enjoy the experience. The photographs of your engagement will be the memories of why you fell in love.


You’ll See The Real You

Not everyone is super confident in front of a camera. Your experienced wedding photographer will be able to put you at ease so that you are comfortable being your self. You’ll be able to appreciate your beauty, grace and unique personality so that you identify exactly the person you want to show off on your wedding day.

The engagement shoot is the perfect dummy run and also helps you determine how you want to pose, look and act on the big day.

You Get To Know Your Photographer

Building rapport with your wedding photographer is highly recommended if you want to ensure you are happy and satisfied with your engagement and wedding photographs. Seeing photographs, prior to your wedding, means that you will understand how the camera lens translates the image of how you see yourself. This will build trust and confidence in your photographer’s professional skills, and won’t make you feel like a stranger is photographing you on your big day.

An engagement shoot also gives you an opportunity to explore different photography styles. Reportage, traditional and contemporary wedding photography styles create very different photograph albums. Use the engagement shoot to get the best from your photographer so that you achieve your desired visual outcome on your wedding day.


The Photographer Gets To Know You

Every wedding photographer has an individual way of working, so it is good practice to have a trial run. An experienced wedding photographer is far more than a person taking a few snaps, so he will want to understand who and your partner are in order to create a narrative story of beautiful romantic images.

The photographer will also be able to check your location, lighting, expression and editing preferences.

You’ll Have Portraits To Incorporate Into Your Wedding Theme

Your engagement photographs can be arranged in a magnificent photograph album or they can be used to enhance the wedding theme. A stunning image of you and your fiancé can be used to create a contemporary ‘save the date’ wedding invitation, printed on to a wedding CD or published in a personalised way.

Tom Robak Wedding Photographer London specialises in creating romantic engagement portraits that can be themed to highlight and celebrate the entire wedding concept.

You’ll Define Your Personal Couple Style

Brides usually have very clear ideas of how they want their wedding photographs to look. However, it is not until they see engagement photographs that they get a real indication of what is and isn’t possible. An engagement shoot is a trial run for the main event and gives you time to define your couple style. See this as an opportunity to conjure up some magic. Your wedding photographer will work with you to ensure your individual personalities take centre stage on your big day.


You Get To Practice For The Big Day

Getting comfortable in front of the camera before the wedding day is the best way to overcome camera shy confidence issues. An engagement shoot gives you the freedom to practice for the big day, but in the privacy of your intimate romantic partnership, and not in front of an audience of family and friends.

You can also test out your wedding day hair and make-up look, soften up in front of the lens for a more natural pose and generally play at being a photogenic goddess for the day.

You’ll Have Amazing Photographs!

If having a fabulous romantic time with your other half wasn’t enough you also get to have an amazing collection of gorgeous photographs to cherish for a lifetime. For most couples their wedding will be planned with everyone else in mind – an engagement is a special occasion made for just two people!

World's Best Places for a Destination Wedding

Roughly one-third of the couples that get engaged every year do so during the holiday season, and now that it’s a new year, they’re actively planning their weddings. Many couples want to get married somewhere close to family or in the city where they met, but others want to exchange their vows in exciting locales around the world.

A destination wedding is a unique experience, from planning and researching exquisite locations, suitable venues, accommodation, transport connections, comparing prices to organising requirements for your guests and that’s without the intricacies of the special day itself. The list is endless.

We at Tom Robak Photography prepared few destination wedding places for you to look. As a destination wedding photographers we know you will love them. If you still considering getting married abroad or locally don't forget to read our 5 Reasons to say "I DO" to a Destination Wedding. We also did a research for you about Destination Wedding cost.

Destination Wedding in Mexico


It’s tough to beat Mexico’s diversity as a vacation destination. Mexico is gifted with more than 6,000 miles of gorgeous coastline with beaches on the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea in the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The food is fantastic, the people are friendly, and in addition to amazing beaches and jungles Mexico offers activities as diverse as exploring Mayan ruins or playing golf on a pro course.

Where to Marry: Palace Resorts teases guests with seven alluring, all-inclusive hotels on the Caribbean Sea. Options include four resorts in Cancun plus additional hotels in Playa del Carmen, Isla Mujeres, and Cozumel.

Perfect for Couples Who: Are looking for an economical yet beautiful destination for a beach wedding.

Destination Wedding in Aruba


Beyond its stellar beaches and top notch tourist services, one of the main reasons this Dutch Caribbean island is so popular is its predictable weather. Aruba is arid and outside of the hurricane belt, so sunshine reigns all year-round.

Destinations to consider are Bucuti & Tara Beach Resorts for intimate adult-only affairs, or the Divi group all-inclusive for families and the budget conscious. Renaissance Aruba Resort also has its own lovely little private island for weddings, and Aruba Marriott & Stellaris Casino.

Destination Wedding in Jamaica


Jamaica—with its miles upon miles of gold-sand beaches and mountains covered with lush foliage—may very well be the birthplace of the weddings-away-from-home trend. Couples have been coming here for decades to host intimate ceremonies as well as full-blown affairs with hundreds of guests. Wedding packages are available at just about every hotel with options for beach and garden events as well as ceremonies at lavish plantation-style mansions.

The birthplace of the all-inclusive, Jamaica has many scenic wedding spots along its famous seven-mile Negril beach, like the boutique-style Rockhouse Hotel, perched on the cliffs of Pristine cove. But if you’re really seeking an upscale, adult-only all-inclusive, head to the side-by-side sister resorts of Secrets St. James and Secrets Wild Orchid, in Montego Bay, where you can wed on a lovely gazebo pier on a private beach.

Destination Wedding in Italy


Just whisper the word “Italy” and it conjures up romantic notions in most of us. From its historic cities to getaways like beautiful Lake Como and the beloved Isle of Capri, there are thousands of wonderfully unique places across the country to host a Mediterranean destination wedding. The city of Rome dazzles with ancient ruins like the Pantheon and Colosseum. Florence is home to the magnificent Uffizi Gallery with works of art by Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, and Raffaello. And, Venice, what more can we say about gorgeous Venice with architectural achievements like St. Mark’s Basilica and its charming web of narrow canals complete with singing gondoliers? It’s one of Italy’s most popular cities.

Destination Wedding in Dominican Republic


A perennial favourite for British sun seekers thanks to its plethora of all-inclusives, most of the best wedding resorts are situated in Punta Cana. For an upscale, boutique-style all-inclusive, Zoëtry Aqua Resort exudes romance in very private settings, with a focus on health and wellness.

For families and big groups, the new Hard Rock hotel caters to the young and energetic, while Now Larimar really knows how to pull out all the stops for a sophisticated and luxurious seaside ceremony.

Also I’d love to recommend you my favourite hotel The Royal Suites Turquesa by Palladium. I’ve been there four times so far. You will fall in love with this place.

If you are getting married in one of the above locations please get in touch.

They are on my permanent bucket list and I will offer you very affordable prices for destination wedding photography

How much does a destination wedding cost?

Now that you’ve set your destination wedding date, your plans for the big event are under way in earnest. You’ve probably imagined your dream wedding for some time and may have some idea of the potential cost. The reality of bringing it all to fruition, however, can sometimes be beyond your expectations.

A wedding is usually an expensive endeavour. When you’ve compared prices and done all the sums the question you’re likely to ask yourself is: How much does a destination wedding cost?


The Average Cost of a Wedding in UK

Although there are countless statistics floating around the average wedding in the United Kingdom today costs approximately £20,000. According to research and statistics the happy couple were shelling out £22,000 in 2009, so you’re actually saving £2,000. On top of this generous amount you’ll have to add the cost of a honeymoon, which is generally estimated at around £3,931.

The list below highlights the typical spend of a UK wedding, as published in Brides magazine.

Wedding venue: £2,223
Reception venue: £4,189
Catering: £3,063
Photography/video: £1,399
Flowers: £560
Cake: £296
Entertainment: £682
Dress: £1,340
Shoes: £107
Stationery: £240
Headdress/veil: £108
Attendants’ outfits: £465
Mother-of-the-bride outfit: £337
Groom’s outfit: £313
Beauty: £220
Engagement Ring: £2,451
Wedding rings: £647
Other wedding jewellery: £191
Honeymoon: £3,931
Gift List: £1,954
Total: £24,716


As ‘average’ is a relative and personal term it is worth bearing in mind that some couples spend more than £50-60K for a wedding, and invite only 70-80 guests!

The wedding venue can be very expensive and has to incorporate the cost of wedding decorations and extra details.

To give you some idea:

  • Natural History Museum, London – Room hire starts at £10,150
  • Augill Castle, Lake District – Basic wedding price starts from £12,600 for the hire of the castle, and include two night’s accommodation, dinner and bed & breakfast for 28 adults and ten children in 14 bedrooms.
  • Chilston Park Hotel, Kent – Room hire ranges from £200 to £1000 for a night
  • Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester – Room hire from 4pm-10pm from £2250
  • Royal Pavilion, Brighton, East Sussex – Ceremony room hire from £560 for up to 44 people. Reception hire from £1020, for dinner up to 60. Sorry, no dancing allowed in the Royal Pavilion!

With the average UK wedding package costing over £24K isn’t it worth considering how much a destination wedding costs?

The Average Cost of a Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is an attractive alternative to the popular UK wedding not only because it offers exotic scenery and glorious weather. You can have a beach wedding with your friends and family around you, a honeymoon in paradise and stunning photographs you’ll cherish for a lifetime. If you still need convincing that a destination wedding is a viable money-saving wedding option take a look at the planned destination wedding in the Dominican Republic, for 28 guests:

Caribbean Destination Wedding: 13 nights in Paradise


Destination Wedding Date: Friday 06 November 2015 – Sunday 08 November 2015 (PEAK TIME) – flights from London, UK.
Location: Bavaro, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Hotel: Iberostar Bavaro Suites (ranked #3 of 12 hotels in Bavaro – TripAdvisor)
Honeymoon: 13 nights commencing Thursday 05 November 2015 – Wednesday 18 November 2015
Guests: 29 guests, including a professional destination wedding photographer who will travel with the bride and groom. Tom Robak Photography will create unique and personalised wedding reportage and lifestyle pictures of your dream wedding.

Guests travel from London Heathrow with the wedding couple on Thursday 05 November from London Heathrow. They stay until Monday 09 November (4 nights, with an option to extend their stay at personal expense).

Flight to a Destination Wedding

Return tickets costs £1542 for a wedding couple on selected date. Return ticket per guest = £671.

The total cost of guest flights is £19,459. If you are able to pay for, or contribute towards, the cost of your guests’ flight it is a nice gesture that is always appreciated. However, the bride and groom are not expected to cover any of the guests’ expenses. Do however choose a location that offers accommodation options at all price points. In this scenario flights for parents and siblings (6 tickets) are included = £4,026. The destination wedding photographer’s flight must also be included = £671 plus £100 for additional baggage for equipment.

Airport transfer – Punta Cana to Bavaro and return = £200

Destination Wedding Accommodation

Wedding Couple – all-inclusive 13 nights – Platinum Suite £1977

This suite features an en-suite bar and 32-inch TV with DVD player. It includes private check-in, one dinner at Licey restaurant, premium drinks, beach club with hammocks and waiter service, towels, bathrobes, slippers, special price for the spa, a 20-minute massage and full access to the Platinum Club Lounge. Wi-Fi, DVDs, international newspapers and Continental breakfast also available.

Guests – all inclusive 4 nights – Bungalow Suite £504 each (29 guests -15 bungalow suites) – £7,605

Bungalows typically feature 1 king-size bed or 2 single beds, terrace, air conditioning, safety box, mini bar, ceiling fan, flat-screen cable TV, coffee maker and a bathroom with spa bath.

Cost for parents and siblings = £1512


Destination Wedding Photographer

Some resorts include photography with their wedding packages, but the language barrier can often pose a problem when trying to convey your ideas for the photographs. Travelling with a destination wedding photographer guarantees you’ll have the images you’ve dreamed about.

Tom Robak Photography creates an exquisite photographic record of your wedding day from start to finish. The average cost for exclusive (4 nights) destination wedding photography is £2000 and includes reportage images that covers everything from leaving the UK until the end of the 4 night stay on your destination wedding.

Bridal Costs

A stunning beach wedding dress = £400 – more money for drinks and bikinis!
Outfits for bridesmaid and mother = £400
Shoes = £107
Hairdress/Veil = £100
Beauty = £150

Groom Costs

Groom’s outfit = £300
Best man outfit = £200
Beauty, why not? A massage and skin treatment are ideal for relaxing = £150


Engagement Ring = £2,451
Wedding rings = £647
Other wedding jewellery = £191
Invitations = £350

Additional Costs may include a special pre-wedding dinner for the entire wedding party = £600. On location entertainment like a Catamaran cruise to Saona (£1500 for all guests) or half-day Dune Buggy Adventure (£1000).


Your Destination Wedding Day

For the most important day of your trip you need to think about the venue, reception and celebration party. Your perfect destination wedding will be on the beach. The easiest and most convenient way to book this is using the hotel wedding planner service. Total cost of beach wedding, reception in gazebo, wedding cake, champagne, music, registrar, hotel catering and decorations = £2000. Add magical sky lanterns for the evening = £120.

Wedding Coordinator

A local wedding planner will prepare everything for you. Services can be booked via the hotel or online. The average cost of wedding planning in the Dominican Republic is £600, based on personalised requirements.


Be aware of the legal requirements in order to get married in the Dominican Republic:

  • Two witnesses
  • Valid passport for bride, groom and witnesses
  • Original birth certificates for bride and groom
  • Celibacy certificate – This document is issued by an attorney and it states you are eligible to legally marry
  • Divorce certificate (where applicable) stamped by the Dominican Embassy in your country. If the bride was married before she must be divorced for a minimum 10-month period
  • If bride or groom is widowed the spouse’s death certificate is required as well as the previous wedding certificate

All presented documents must be originals. All documents must be translated to Spanish by an official translator and legalised by the Dominican Embassy in your country.

Civil Wedding: legal ceremony performed by a civil judge of the Dominican Republic.

Catholic Wedding: also legal performed by a Priest (some documents are required in order to have this ceremony).

Symbolic Wedding: a blessing performed by a member of the wedding staff. The legal marriage ceremony is performed beforehand, as the wedding certificate is required.

Religious Wedding: is performed by a Pastor. The cost of this service is not included in the symbolic wedding packages.

Estimated cost for Dominican Republic Destination Wedding

Adding up the individual bills brings the cost to £23,682. Adding £1000 as an emergency fund = £24,882.

The average cost of a UK wedding is £24,716.

You may have thought that a destination wedding would be out of your price range, but the reality is it costs no more than an average wedding package in the UK. What you gain is: sun, beach, sunny weather guaranteed, all-inclusive hotel, honeymoon, friends and family…Quite simply paradise. A Dominican Republic wedding also offers a multitude of possibilities for beautiful scenic Caribbean wedding photography.

You can save money by spending less on rings, shopping around for all-inclusive hotel packages and additional excursions and simply by changing the date of the wedding. Booking this package in June would save you £4000! Do bear in mind that all accommodation and flight prices are calculated for individual booking at peak time.


Caribbean Destination Wedding breakdown for less than £25,000:

  • Exclusive All-Inclusive Hotel in Bavaro, Punta Cana
  • Romantic beach wedding
  • 28 guests for 4 nights in premium suites
  • 13 nights for bride and groom in wedding apartment
  • Destination wedding photographer for 4 nights
  • Boat Trip for bride and groom and their guests
  • Travel costs included bride and groom plus their parents and siblings
  • Paid stay for parents and siblings
  • Special pre-wedding dinner for all guests

I would love to hear your opinion about destination weddings. Do you dream of a beach wedding? Or do you prefer a more traditional style local wedding in your neighbourhood? How much did your destination wedding cost?

Please leave a comment below and share this article with your friends.

(research date: 10/December/2014)

30+ Wedding First Dance Songs of 2014/2015

It’s a well known fact that couples are now vesting more interest and time in choosing the perfect music to accompany their day, not only do couples give their band or DJ a list of what to play, but also a list of what not to play. Bride’s are spending so much time making sure the soundtrack to their day is just right. It must tick all the boxes including suiting the couples personalities, the formality of the wedding, the vibe they want the guests to feel and, and, and…. One bride on Facebook told: ”I’m finding that picking songs that fit who we are and what we like to be the hardest decision to make in the whole wedding.”


The traditional first dance for the bride and groom can be a nerve wracking moment. Some couples have a song long before they get married, the first song they danced to years ago or something from a special moment in their relationship. Others pick something for their first dance and it becomes their special song. The key though is to pick a track you both love.

First Dance Tips

  • If your song is super long, let the DJ know to fade it out at a certain point or have the band only do the first couple of verses. 6 minutes of having people watch you dance will seem like forever.
  • Even if you aren’t planning a whole choreographed routine, taking dancing lessons can be a fun thing for couples to do together and a way to make you just a tad more graceful.
  • Whether you take lessons or not, you should definitely do a little practice. Try out dancing to your song at least once. Make sure you’re both on the same page with how you’re planning on dancing.
  • While you’re at a dress fitting, take a spin around the dress shop too. Make sure you’re comfortable moving around in your dress, that you’re not tripping over the hem and everything is staying in place!

To make your organising a lot easier we have put together this list of what the most popular wedding songs were for 2014

Classic Wedding First Dance Songs

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Modern Wedding First Dance Songs

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What’s your song? We would love to hear!

If you have any song suggestions please leave your comment. We will add them to our playlists!

Why pre wedding photography is so important?

More and more couples are investing in pre-wedding photography shoots. Pre-wedding shoots may be a relatively new trend but they come with various benefits, and can ensure that your final wedding photographs are of the highest possible standard.

Pre-wedding shoots with Tom Robak Photography usually take place a month or two before the ceremony itself, and are a fantastic opportunity for a couple to bond with a photographer and vice versa. This helps us to decide upon a suitable shooting style and to become familiar with the couple long before the big day arrives. If you’re not confident in front of a lens, or feel that you’re “not photogenic”, chances are that you’ve simply had too many unflattering amateur images taken of yourself in the past. At Tom Robak Photography, we work with people from all walks of life and you can expect us to put you fully at ease to get the best results. This means that by the time the wedding comes around you’ll be only to keen to get in front of the camera.

It’s inevitable that for every great photograph that is taken, several inferior images may be captured. As highly reputable wedding photographers, we are incredibly creative and focussed on capturing emotion, passion and intimacy. By working closely with an award-winning photography service like ours and building a great rapport, the likelihood of magical and natural images being captured becomes greater and greater, even if the couple feels strange in front of the camera at first. This approach leads to the relaxed spontaneity behind photographs you’ll cherish forever. A pre-wedding shoot is often purchased as part of a full wedding photography package, or can instead be bought as an extra. The shoot can be a great rehearsal for the ceremony, helping both halves of a couple to get used to being in front of a professional camera.


Our wedding shoots run a whole lot smoother when the couple feel comfortable with the photographer. Breaking the ice weeks or months before the wedding with your chosen photographer can be indispensable. A pre-wedding shoot can nurture rapport whilst allowing all concerned to get an insight into what works and what to avoid. The more relaxed you are front of the camera, the better the results of the wedding photography will be. You can also use the pre-wedding session to discuss and experiment with any special ideas that you may have in mind.

One of the other benefits to a pre-wedding shoot is that you’ll be able to acquire professional shots of yourself in a natural outdoor environment if you wish. In day-to-day life, people rarely have professional photographs taken of themselves but we can capture excellent snapshots of you both in normal situations, simply being yourselves. Some couples do choose to have their pre-wedding photographs taken at their wedding venue, whilst others decide to opt for an entirely different location.

It’s easy to see how pre-wedding shots can be seen as cherish able portraits in their own right, capturing couples at an extremely exciting time in their lives as the big day gets closer and closer. What’s more is that when a pre-wedding session goes well, you can stop worrying about whether you’ve chosen the right photographer.

During a pre-wedding shoot, we have the chance to find out a lot of useful information. We can identify the most flattering angles to use, which lighting techniques will be the most efficient and they’ll get to know you. This gives us more material to work with and helps us to approach the wedding day itself with a wealth of ideas.


Some people choose to enlist the services of others who will be working with them on their wedding day. For instance, many women choose to get their hair styled or make-up applied in the same way as it will be when the time arrives. This approach gives you a chance to take a look at what will and won’t look great on camera. People who feel uptight about the way they look or certain features they dislike can relax in the knowledge that the best photographers have a wealth of flattering techniques up their sleeves. Height differences, double chins and the like can easily be smoothed out when the skills of a wedding photographer are utilised. There are many ways that you can make use of the images from your pre-wedding session. Some couples opt to have the images printed and put on display at their wedding, whilst others may upload them onto their social media accounts to show to their friends and family. You may even decide to keep them as private visual documents.

Another benefit to the pre-wedding session with Tom Robak is that it enables couples to focus on enjoying their big day once it arrives. If we have a robust plan of action, we don’t need to drag you away from their friends and family time and time again to prepare for photographs to be taken.


5 Special Reasons to Have a Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding Photography

You’ve decided to take the plunge and are excitedly dreaming of and planning your Big Day. Luckily, long gone are the days when the location of the marriage ceremony was restricted to the quaint local church or pokey registry office. The allure of the big, fancy and expensive wedding has been also been replaced by the appeal of a more intimate affair with beautiful exotic scenery. When it comes to saying “I do” today, the world is quite literally your oyster. A destination wedding has become a popular choice for couples looking to start married life in a memorable, personalised and more meaningful way.

Engaged couples are far more inspired to choose a wedding theme and package that not only suits their pocket but also arouses their senses on all levels. Exchanging marriage vows in a special place, that holds personal meaning or creates a unique memory, is what true romance is all about. A destination wedding creates the perfect opportunity to say “I do” absolutely anywhere in the world.

Go Global

A destination wedding opens up choice and possibility. The exotic modern arrangement is often called a ‘wedding moon’ because it combines the marriage ceremony with the reception and honeymoon. This can be an intimate affair for the bride and groom and a few close friends and family members or a generous gathering. The destination wedding offers the bride and groom an opportunity to spend quality time with their guests prior to the exchange of vows. Once wed the couple can enjoy a honeymoon without the stress of travel involved.

Once you have chosen the perfect location you’ll want to plan all the extras that will make your big day even more stress-free, memorable and special. Whilst the destination wedding package may include an on-site complimentary service that coordinates the wedding day essentials and sorts out the legalities, you will also want to ensure that the photographs of the once in a lifetime experience present the best possible reflection of this occasion.


Capture the Moment

A destination wedding photographer is experienced in creating beautiful personalised images of the bride and groom and their wedding, whatever the location. It’s widely accepted that a picture speaks a thousand words and capturing the language of romance and love expressed on a wedding day is what you will be expecting your photographer to do. This professional service is not something you want to leave to chance, so commissioning an experienced destination photographer is highly recommended.

Tom Robak Photography specialises in translating the romantic visual experience into stunning photographic images that highlight the beautiful setting and scenery, whilst capturing the bride and groom’s individual personalities and the intimacy of their unique relationship. As a professional destination wedding photographer Tom Robak is experienced in encapsulating the ‘I do” moment in images that celebrate and preserve the memory of the occasion for years to come.

The destination wedding photographer is on hand to deliver a personalised account of the unique special day and works with you to ensure you are happy with the outcome. Your wedding album will be filled with a photographic record of the last moments of single life and the start of a beautiful love filled future.


5 special reasons to say “I do” to a destination wedding

Stand out from the crowd by listening to your heart and choosing a location that makes your heart sing. Most engaged couples give in to pressure and often select a wedding location because it suits family and friends. Getting married is a special moment that is still considered to be a once in a lifetime event, so choosing a destination wedding that is perfect for the bride and groom should be paramount. If you long to say your vows on a sandy beach pick your dream destination and honour your heart.

Say “I do” to a wedding moon and save the cost of unnecessary expense. Choose a location that means something special to you both. Perhaps you met whilst travelling or want to exchange marriage vows in the vacation location where you fell in love. Combining the wedding ceremony with the reception and honeymoon is a cost effective and appealing way to start married life. Invite only close friends and family or go it alone.

Take full charge by releasing old traditions and expectations and creating a wedding experience that is perfect for you. A destination wedding frees you from formalities and family dramas and turns the wedding occasion into a unique enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone. A destination wedding also allows you to customise every aspect of the big day, including location, type of ceremony, theme and style of destination wedding photography to display in the album.

Choose simplicity and privacy. Whether you just like to get away from it all or have been there and done that before, getting married 100s of miles away from home promises less stress and no hassle. Couples you have been married before have no need to do the traditional grand scale production and opt for meaningful intimacy instead. A destination wedding provides the exclusivity that is required and offers the perfect starting place for a new beginning.

Create a personal treasure by commissioning Tom Robak Photography as your destination wedding photographer. Your stunning wedding album will be filled with beautiful images that capture the moment and help you relive the joyous experience time and time again.

Getting married soon? Contact me today and I’ll fly anywhere for an “I Do.”

Wedding Videography London

Reasons to hire a professional for your wedding

While hiring an amateur photographer sounds like it could save you a lot of money, you’ll find you come to regret going without a professional. Here, I’ll explain why amateur photographers produce poor photos and why you should spend money hiring me instead.

What makes an amateur?

Amateur photographers can come in all shapes. They can be a friend, family member, or coworker who has access to a camera. They may even be a person who claims to be a professional. Amateurs generally take good photos of still objects, and may look wonderful when you see them. Flowers, fruits, and other still items make great photos for any photographer. It’s when you have to capture fleeting moments, such as a couple’s first kiss or dance, or when they cut the wedding cake, that their amateur photos start to show through.

Identifying amateur photos

It can sometimes be hard to tell the difference between a professional and am amateur just by looking at their photos. First of all, remember you are having them photograph a wedding. This is one of the most important part of your special day- it’s the only way to hold on to the wonderful times you had. My photography captures every moment, from your first kiss, your first dance, and even her smile as she walks down the aisle a married woman. My photos are the only way to forever remember every aspect of the day you got married. Amateur photos are often blurry and poorly timed. Without proper lighting, black shadows contrast sharply against the beautiful white gown. Whites become dim and yellow looking, and the food looks less than appetising. With my photos, you won’t have any regret; plenty of lighting and warm colours ensure you will see the day as fondly as you will remember it.


The importance of a photographer

Many brides look back with disappointment on their wedding day (and no, it’s not because of the groom). On your big wedding day, everything goes by in a whirl. As soon as you say “Yes” to the man of your dreams, your engagement becomes a sea of questions and decisions. What should the bridesmaid dresses be? Who will I invite? What type of food will we serve? Many people get so caught up in making decisions such as these, that they forget the only way they are going to remember the day for years. If you want to be able to look back at your wedding day, have the faces of all your loved ones captured forever, and the look on her face when she said “I do,” you need Tom Robak photography. My photographer will help you remember the day fondly and with the same happiness and excitement you remember feeling. The best part is that when your children come up to you and ask about your wedding day, you’ll have beautiful photos to show them. You’ll never feel embarrassed with my photography.

What makes photography so hard?

Photography is more than just snapping photos at things and making cool looking effects. There are special lenses for close ups and portrait shots, as well for poor and well lit areas. Zoom features and the quality changes from camera to camera. There are so many options for photographers that most amateurs have no idea what they are getting themselves in to. While you may believe that spending money on decorations, food, and the wedding cake is more important, without the use of a professional photographer such as me, there is no way you will be able to remember and capture each special moment. Every wedding is unique, and I know how to make my photos reflect each and every person that is in them.


How to make things easy on yourself

If you want to help ensure you get quality photos, have me help plan your wedding. Generally, weddings are best to be planned in the early, summer months. The warm colours from the grass and trees for outdoor weddings mean your wedding looks all the happier and brighter. For indoor weddings, the sun shines in through the windows longer and allows and beautiful warm glow to surround and fill the building. With such quality lighting, the contrast of shadows will be reduced and people will focus on the bride’s glowing face and beautifully decorated room. I can talk you through the various options you have for appropriately placing decorations, where the best place for tables will be, and other important decisions to make your big day wonderful. And best of all, you’ll have my photographs to remember the day exactly as it was – extraordinary.

Never forget the photos

What is the point in having a wonderful, decorated ceremony when there is no one to accurately capture the moment? Your wedding day is only a single day; my photographs will last for years. You’ll be able to show off your beautiful photos to everyone, and have the memories last for a lifetime. Quality photographers are hard to find, but when you hire me, you know you’ll be getting the highest quality photos you can find.


70 ‘Must Have’ Wedding Photography Shots

I always found it helpful to create a list of shots that I wanted to take on the wedding day. I found that setting out a list with the couple of not only ‘WHERE’ they wanted shots but also some of the different combinations of WHO they wanted IN the shots was helpful. No doubt there are many wedding moments you won’t want to miss. The style and number of these images will all depend on how long you’ve hired your wedding photographer. Since you should count on at least five minutes per shot, it’s unrealistic to expect all the photos below, but pick and choose those shots that mean most to you.


I am not suggesting for one second that you should have a wedding photography shot list in your pocket for the day (as your wedding photographer I will do that), rather this is just to provide a starting point for thinking and talking about what your “must have” wedding photographs are, the ones you would miss if you didn’t remember to ask for them.

In truth, most couples don’t really think about the actual photographs until it comes to reviewing them afterwards. While usually everything is fine, as I have a standard list of images and as a good photographer I will capture all the important stuff well, there may be a few shots that you would really like, but may not be prioritised on the day unless you ask in advance.

Basically you want to make sure to avoid thoughts like… “Oh, I wish we had one of my favourite Uncle John and me together, should have thought of that…” or “we’ve none of us in the garden with the thank you signs, forgot to ask the photographer about that”.


The point of providing me as your wedding photographer with a shot list isn’t to come up with as many different shots as possible for your wedding (that’s the photographer’s job). But rather, the point of the shot list is to clue your photographer in on the parts of your wedding that are unique and specific to you and your partner, so that I show up to work armed with all the info I need to shoot the shit out of your wedding. Because that’s what you hired Tom Robak Photography for, right?

Download PDF

Tips for the perfect look of the bride

Tom Robak Wedding Photographer is one the most trusted company for wedding photography for quite a few years. Through my experience I know that photography isn’t just clicking snaps of the wedding, but it involves lot of preparations, both from the photographer and wedding couples’ end.


I guess every wedding photographer will say that how the young brides are concerned about their looks for the shoot. Wedding is a great ceremony in our life, so every human being wants to look good, so that they can cherish the moments through the photographs all throughout the life.  But on the wedding day brides often feel tensed, nervous and anxiety which affects the photographs.

Pre wedding tips for the bride

1. Know your photographer. Talk to your wedding photographer 2-3 times before the wedding. Get comfortable with him; let him know what you want and how he perceives the event. Get valuable suggestions and also express your opinion. Book a pre-wedding photo shoot as a test photo shoot. Once you have the confidence on your photographer, you will definitely be less camera-conscious.

2. After knowing your photographer what you need to do next is do rehearsals. Just like you prepared for your school dramas by rehearsing before the mirror for thousand times to be the best, during your pre wedding span you and your partner can rehearse all the poses by taking help from the photographer, to get the perfect pictures.


3. What is important to have great pictures is the ‘light’ and best if it is natural. So before wedding don’t forget to ask your photographer to visit the wedding venue to get the idea about the amount of natural light available for photos and plan your wedding ceremonies accordingly.

4. Admiring yourself on the mirror can’t be enough. So book your appointments to the stylist and your makeup artist much prior to the wedding and discuss what is your need. Do try your wedding gown as many times as you want during the pre-wedding time to get the perfect fit.

5. Watch out your weight. To get into your dreamy fit wedding gown you need to take care of the weight issue. Regular free hand exercise and proper diet can be done. You can also consult a dietician and physical trainer to plan a balanced workout planning at least five to six months before wedding.

6. To get glowing skin, just few days before wedding, pamper yourself from head to toe in a beauty salon. If you don’t want your dark patches and fine lines to appear on your face, do the needful facial treatments beforehand. Other important beauty treatments like- pedicure, manicure, waxing, hair spa also needs to be done twice or thrice before wedding.


7. To improve your beauty from within, a very good option is spa. Spa will help to rejuvenate yourself from within and it will show on your face on your d-day. It will soothe your mind and body to make you more relaxed to enjoy the fun and frolic of the wedding.

I am sure these small but helpful tips can do wonders if done properly and help you to turn into a picture perfect bride on your d-day. If you need any further help just contact me. Yours own Tom Robak is always at your service.

Follow these tips for high quality wedding pictures

They say marriages made in heaven. On this beautiful world what we need is to just find that chosen one and wait for that opportune moment when the two souls become one. Yes! It is marriage. Be it young or middle aged, overweight or skinny, everyone has his or her kind of idea back in mind about that d-day. May be how beautiful or magical it sounds, the word ‘wedding’ comes up with a long list of preparations as the experience of wedding is such to be cherished forever. A single mistake can be fatal and even ruin your married life. So, before you start planning about your wedding, what do you need is to think, may be twice, thrice and many more times. It does not matter how much do you spend on your wedding but on what and why, because post marriage financial glitch is not worthy of your those priceless ‘just married’ moments.


So firstly jot down a plan by discussing how much you will be going to spend for the wedding and other preparations with your fiancé and even parents if they are helping you, in any way, because it was they who dreamt about your marriage since you were a kid. For those few extra pounds that can be spend on your favourite wedding shoes or delicious wedding cake, one can opt for savings account if you have few months between engagement and the wedding. After you have a budget ready what is next to be done is to decide how much to spend on what because it is always wise to save a little for future. Here is a must have / do list for your wedding – Wedding dress, engagement ring, wedding ring, hair and makeup, wedding cake, food and entertainment and finally to manage and coordinate all these things a wedding planner. But are we missing out on something? What is the point of all such preparations and pomp if we forget to frame it?? And here comes the photographer and videographer who actually put in all our efforts during for a wedding on a single canvas to make it ‘forever’ for posterity.


On the wedding day, both the camera friendly and camera shy, to be married brides and grooms would express their anxiousness about how they are going to look in their wedding photographs. So to ease out such difficulties here are some important tips on wedding photography that might help.  First and foremost, it is advisable to book a decent photographer who will understand your need and cater with the best result. Wedding photographers are a bunch of creative people but experience is something everyone can rely upon. If your wedding photography package includes engagement or pre-wedding photography, give it a shot to make yourself comfortable in front of the camera as well as with the photographer before your big day.

Photography is all about playing with light. So the selection of wedding venue or process of the wedding ceremonies needs to be done wisely to provide with the photographer the best possible natural light before it starts to fade. During a wedding, photographs can be of various kinds. Apart from the portraits of the bride, photographs of her dress, shoe, jewellery etc get a special mention in the wedding album. Bride getting her makeup done, informal dressing up of her bridesmaids or mother often come up as cute pictures. Bride and groom portraits, before or during the wedding ceremony (if allowed) or after, tends to get a special place. Everybody wants to look good on their wedding. To make this a reality, a good makeup artist is what you need who can add an extra spark to your wedding photographs.

Wedding is not just about the two of you but a family matter. So on this special day, your family, friends and guests- be it your shy aunt or mad-hatter uncle or your beloved mum-dad would want to share frame with you. Although time management goes for a toss on the wedding day but more the time the wedding photographer has, better memories can be clicked which will be ready to put an everlasting smile on your face in near future.


On the d-day, with butterflies in stomach and a throbbing heart, it is sometimes difficult to understand how to pose. In this regard it is advisable to listen to the photographer. You don’t need to follow the photographer’s idea blindly but it is whom, who knows what to offer in that difficult situation and come up with some flattering ideas to guide you. They are the ‘wedding’ photographer and exactly know what their job is in your wedding. Apart from something of your choice that you’d like to be photographed with, on that special day you need to trust your photographer and their ideas, to get a bunch of precious moments, clicked and framed.  Because photos are visual documents for future generations, the quality of work, prints and albums are also important and need to be done carefully.

Now you have the nitty-gritty of the wedding photography, if you are getting married soon or some of your loved ones, photography should be on the upper level of your priority list. If you are serious enough to hire a professional wedding photographer, technically skilled who could portray your d-day emotions with grace, covers destination weddings based in United Kingdom with high quality of work but reasonable prices, your search ends here. By combining the need of yours and my creativity, the fun frolic yet emotional moments of your wedding day can be permanently crafted, not only in memory but also in reportage manner with my professional touch.

Are you ready to book your wedding photographer? Contact me to discuss your wedding