If you could go anywhere in the world, all in the name of art, where would that be?

I feel like I am a part of a world where everybody’s story matters. Living in many countries showed me the incredible importance of experiencing these cultures. Not simply to witness them and to share photographs on Facebook or Instagram, but to understand them and what’s more to participate in them.

I photograph weddings because I truly believe in marriage and I think it is one of the most incredible adventures one can participate in. I photograph weddings around the world because I believe that these stories matter and that love is an integral part of our humanity. I believe in marriage and I think it is a big deal.

The Bucket List 1

That is one of the best reasons why I love weddings and wedding photography. They are such an amazing and unique part of a culture. Nearly every culture around the world celebrates marriage in one form or another. Throughout the world, woven into all of our languages, we all have something in common.

So when I say I travel for weddings – I don’t tack that on for bragging rights or so that I can travel the world on someone else’s dime. I say that because I truly believe in these stories and I want to document, experience, and understand these weddings. I want to go to the corners of the world and tell love stories because I think love is one of the things that unites us as humans.

Wedding Around The World

This is my bucket list. There are so many places around the world I would love to visit and experience. Here are a few of the places I would love to go to witness firsthand. I would love to journey to these places to tell a story that matters, your story

a wedding in Spain
a wedding somewhere in Aruba
a wedding in Sweden
a wedding in Croatia
a wedding in Morocco
a Indonesian island wedding
a wedding in Italy (anywhere in Italy really)
a wedding in France
a wedding in Iceland

The Bucket List 3

Just because there is an exotic list doesn’t mean that I don’t want to participate in your story. Whether your wedding is here in the United Kingdom or across the world, I want to tell stories that matter. I want to document love stories of people who also think that marriage is a big deal!