Ok, so I photograph gay people. Well, I also photograph straight people. Lets just say I photograph people, because that’s how I really see it anyway. People loving people, thats what I photograph, and it is damn sweet!

If you are a person and you have a person or persons you love, and you want photographs, well you are in luck. You came to the right website! Now if you want real, honest, beautiful photos that reflect the real, honest, and beauty that is you and your peeps, then I am going to get along just fine!

I have always been a supporter of marriage equality and can’t believe it’s taken this long to get there. I am also offering a special price to gay and lesbian couples getting married soon.

Capturing the touching moments on your wedding day is a top priority, regardless of who you decide to marry. My background in world travel enabled me to develop a profound respect for ethnic, cultural and social diversity, giving me the ability to connect naturally with people from a myriad of backgrounds. Unlike some photographers, who may be uncomfortable shooting gay weddings, I prides myself on capturing the same special moments between gay couple as I do for straight couples. An intimate glance, a caress of the cheek and the ceremony kiss are fully captured and celebrated on my pictures for you and your loved one to share and cherish for a lifetime.

Every civil partnership and same sex marriage is unique, as people are so different. As a professional photographer I like to offer a personal and discreet service tailored to meet your requirements, with empathy and sensitivity for every couple. Gay marriage photography is available throughout the UK and if you require I will gladly travel to any destination wedding with you. It is an honour and privilege to be chosen as your wedding photographer.

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