Engagement and Wedding Photography Dominican Republic

by Tom Robak – Wedding Photographer London

I love to travel and explore new, amazing places. Having a wedding somewhere far away is an adventure for me as much as it is for you and I make sure I capture this aspect of the journey. A destination wedding is a unique experience, from planning and researching exquisite locations, suitable venues, accommodation, transport connections, comparing prices to organising requirements for your guests and that’s without the intricacies of the special day itself. The list is endless.

I will be traveling a bunch next year. First direction is Dominican Republic, so if you’re planning on being there, do yourself a favour and schedule a engagement portrait session with me.

I’m offering exclusive wedding photography and engagement sessions in Dominican Republic. I’ll be there 12.01.2016 – 22.01.2016. If you are planning a wedding in Dominican Republic or if you are having a wedding in Dominican Republic, then you know which photographer to call…. me!

Take your chance and book me. I will be delighted to share my expertise with you, and look forward to meet you on this trip.

Get in touch to find out more hello@tomrobak.com