Crash Course


SEO Workshop

My individual SEO & Marketing crash courses are the best way to improve your online presence quickly and effectively. Whether you have never worked on your SEO, web design or would just like to improve online visibility in Google, I give you an individual, intensive guidance throughout the day.

I keep this workshop as practical and as relaxed as I possibly can; there is no blackboard, projector or any sort of boring presentation. Through the day we will focus on your website and work via Skype screen sharing, so after all, you will have a knowledge that you need to create new SEO strategies and follow the one we will create.

We first go through your website analytics, reports and visual review. Then, once we have talked about your requirements and needs I work on solutions for you that are easy, quick and painless. Throughout the day I take you into the real world of SEO where we put all that theory into practice!

My Web Design & SEO crash course will take up to 6 hours. To make it more efficient you can split it into two sessions, however many of participants wanted to work in one day. I will leave that choice to you.

To book, simply click “Register” and you will be directed to a signup form. Once your form is filled out I’ll be in touch within 48hrs to secure a date and time in our schedules for your session and to arrange a payment.

For SEO & Marketing crash course all that you need is an computer with Skype, fast internet connection and something to take notes. Please be aware that your website might need a new hosting provider and low-cost premium plugin to process all optimisation successfully.

Excited to meet you and honoured to be a part in helping you build a stronger business.