One to One Sessions are online and done via Skype video chat and screen sharing with me and occasionally invited guests (if possible). Sessions cover a wide range of topics. Mainly I focus on helping you to build a stronger business, brand and social presence to help you succeed in the wedding photography industry and to become a better wedding photographer.

There are three different topics to choose from for your session. I do have an outline for each of these sessions, but you can customise the session to fit your needs. Online One to One Sessions last for 4 hours, to book, simply click “Register” and you will be directed to a sign up form. Once your form is filled out I’ll be in touch within 48hrs to secure a date and time in our schedules for your session and to arrange a payment.


One to One 1

Workflow & Editing

Workflow and Editing can either be a pain to you or fuel you. During this topic via Skype screen sharing I will walk through my complete workflow and editing process from importing images to uploading into the client gallery. I will go over how to stay consistent in your editing style as well as how to cut down time in post production to be efficient in your business. Each participant in this session will have the opportunity to build a custom preset with me that will be ready to use on every wedding and shoot!

One to One 2

Marketing & Social Media

These days a lot of photographers start their business without a plan. Sadly, they end up quitting due to the lack of enquiries/clients and burn out. Marketing is about having a good presence for building a wedding photography business and helping to book clients. Social media, your website and your SEO play a huge roll in reaching people. I’ll be covering some principles on this topic for wedding photographer’s business, to help them be successful and enjoy what they do.

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Nothing to hide - ask anything

This is my favourite topic and I love it because I will get to know you better, if you choose this topic please come prepared with any questions you may have. I will be ready to answer them all, I will reveal anything you want to know. This is the perfect platform for you to look through your wedding photography business and see how we can make it better. Sample topics in this area:

For online One to One all that you need is an computer with Skype, fast internet connection and something to take notes.

Excited to meet you and honoured to be a part in helping you build a stronger business.


On Location


Find your creative voice in a One-to-One learning experience. The mentoring session isn’t boasting about how good I am or you are. It is fully interactive session full of straight-up practical informations that you can actually use. You can expect to build on your photography skills, as well as some of the know-how needed to run a successful wedding photography business.

One to One 3

What are we going to talk about?

Your One Day is a unique opportunity for each person to grow in their business and learn. It’s fully customised to what you ask for – each session will be designed after a Skype chat. I am here to push you!

One to One 4

What are we going to do?

Expect a day of full attention that includes coffee, shooting, portfolio review, workflow, website review, attracting clients, storytelling, running a successful business, seo, marketing, creating a brand….

One to One 5

What to bring?

Certainly wonderful humour and an open mind. Bring your camera with lenses if you want to shoot during the session. Notepad and pen is obligatory. Of course during the day lunch is on me.

One to One Mentor Session is all day workshop on location, mostly one to one but 3 participants groups are also available to share the cost of the workshop. Depend on location travel might be a subject to quotation.

Excited to meet you and honoured to be a part in helping you build a stronger business.