In June I took a great opportunity from Aga Tomaszek to second shoot a wedding with her. We traveled to Tenerife for Sara and Pete’s destination wedding at Sheraton La Caleta and it was a fabulous trip! We got the opportunity to spend a few extra days vacationing after the wedding! Sheraton was off-the-charts gorgeous! From afar, the terracotta-coloured Sheraton La Caleta could be a Spanish fortress, but don’t be fooled by its appearance; beyond the imposing facade is an enchanting world of sparkling pools, sub-tropical gardens and sun-dappled terraces. The hotel enjoys an ideal location at the western edge of Costa Adeje, close to the quiet town of La Caleta.

To shoot a destination wedding like this one is delightful for me — enchanting landscapes, awesome couple, warm atmosphere, fine music and food! Destination weddings are such a unique experience! Aga and I had such a blast and feel so incredibly honoured to travel internationally with couples to photograph their weddings!

I am so honoured and thankful to Aga to have been the second destination wedding photographer for Sara and Pete’s wedding in Tenerife. It was an unforgettable experience! Here are my favourite images of the day.

Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Tenerife-Sheraton-00001 Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Tenerife-Sheraton-00002 Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Tenerife-Sheraton-00003 Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Tenerife-Sheraton-00004 Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Tenerife-Sheraton-00005 Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Tenerife-Sheraton-00006 Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Tenerife-Sheraton-00007 Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Tenerife-Sheraton-00008 Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Tenerife-Sheraton-00009 Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Tenerife-Sheraton-00010 Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Tenerife-Sheraton-00011 Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Tenerife-Sheraton-00012 Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Tenerife-Sheraton-00013 Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Tenerife-Sheraton-00014 Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Tenerife-Sheraton-00015 Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Tenerife-Sheraton-00016 Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Tenerife-Sheraton-00017 Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Tenerife-Sheraton-00018 Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Tenerife-Sheraton-00019 Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Tenerife-Sheraton-00020

Tenerife Wedding Photographer – Tom Robak

Destination Wedding Photographer Tenerife, Sheraton La Caleta, Costa Adeje