Again, it was a great experience and a big pleasure to photograph a wedding at Buckland Hall for Aga Tomaszek. The wedding took a place at Buckland Hall, a venue I loved to work at. My day started with Liam’s and boys preparations before the ceremony to begin. One of the things I love about that wedding at Buckland Hall is the relaxed atmosphere. Family members & guests stay over the night before the big day & make a weekend of it. When I arrived on the morning of the wedding day it was clear that people there already been having a great time. Boys are were playing rugby on the lawns and relaxing with some beers before the celebrations begin.

The bride made her way down to the ceremony through the grand staircase. It was the perfect way for the groom and the guests to see the bride for the first time. After the ceremony all of the guests made their way out to line up & cover the happy couple in confetti.  The drinks before the reception were served outside as we were very lucky with the sunny weather.

Amazing wedding, great people and relaxed atmosphere. As always I have some of my favourite images of wedding at Buckland Hall. Feel free to comment below. For more pictures of that wedding please follow Aga Tomaszek Photography Blog.


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